[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Nao Fujimori season 1 Main Story

FLD Nao Fujimori season 1 main story

FLD Nao Fujimori season 1 main story

After Kissed by the Baddest Bidder and Enchanted in the Moonlight, First Love Diaries was like a breath of fresh air. The game concept is centered around having your first boyfriend in high school and experiencing all your “firsts” together. Nao is the first character released for this game. 

It’s not just the MC who’s experiencing her first relationship in this route; this is Nao’s first relationship too. This route was different in that Nao and the MC are in a relationship from the start of the story, whereas most Voltage routes the MC and target character end up in a relationship at the end of the story. I actually enjoyed this change of pace a lot; I hope they continue this trend in the game.

Nao is shy and unsure of himself in the beginning of the relationship. He realizes that the MC doesn’t know much about him, but is understanding and says that their relationship can start as “friends first.” Their relationship progresses throughout the route, and I love how Voltage went about doing this.

In this route you experience all your “firsts” with him. From the first kiss to first date, it goes all the way to experiencing you first time having sex, and I’m glad that Voltage addressed this. The MC is unsure of herself, and is afraid that Nao will want to end the relationship if she doesn’t feel ready to have sex with him. When she confides in her friends about this, her friend Saori says it best: if a guy wants to break up because of sex, then he’s not worth dating anyway.

I absolutely love how the MC’s friends support her and give her advice about how to progress her relationship with Nao, especially Saori. Saori is the only one in the group who has dating experience, and she give the girls pointers on her take in them. Nao also has friends who do this for him, and the support that the friends give both the MC and Nao about their relationship is amazing.

Nao himself is respectful of the MC’s decision of wanting to hold on having sex. Whether it’s not having a usable condom or the MC not feeling ready, he respects the MC and does not want to force her if she doesn’t want to; he wants them to do it when both of them feel ready, emotionally and physically.

I loved Nao’s route. It’s new compared to the other routes Voltage has released, even in the other games in high school settings, such as Dreamy Days in West Tokyo or Class Trip Crush. The review ended up being longer than I wanted it to be, but that was mostly because there was so much I loved about this route. I definitely would recommend that you play it. Happy playing!

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