[REVIEW] Kiss of Revenge: Issei Sezaki season 1 Main Story

Issei Sezaki season 1

Issei is a dedicated doctor. He’s always worried about the hospital’s patients, and often pulls late nights study up on operations so that he can lower the risk of something going wrong when he performs them. He’s a man of few words, so in the beginning of his route there aren’t many words exchanged between him and the MC.

The romance takes a while to build up. In the beginning, the MC approaches Issei so that by getting close to him, she can get close to the director of the hospital. After working with him, she’s unsure of whether or not she can trust Issei due to him being the son of the director. But after looking after patients together with him, she starts to understand that he’s not as cold as he seems to be. She starts to trust him, and slowly starts to fall in love with him.

I love how the MC and Issei learn to mutually trust each other before falling in love. They’re both haunted by the MC’s mother’s death, but it was only because of it that they could meet; at the end both of them help ease the other’s pain from it. Even after the MC learns the truth about her mother’s incident, the way everything was resolved made it feel like all the loose ends were tied up, and that Issei and the MC could continue to move forward together.

Issei was my first Voltage guy, so I wanted my first review to be on him. KOR was the first otome game I spent money on, and it was such an experience to go back and play it again and enjoy it. I’m glad I decided to this because I forgot how much I loved this game and his route. In the more recent Voltage games it’s just bam! you’re in love with the guy (not that I’m complaining). The plot of KOR is more about just falling in love. It’s also about getting over past hurts and learning to trust other people again. I definitely recommend Issei’s main story route. Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kiss of Revenge: Issei Sezaki season 1 Main Story

    • Yay!!! I’m glad you do! Issei was my first Voltage route and he has a special place in my heart. Kiss of Revenge has really good writing so you should check some of the other routes out as well!


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