[REVIEW] Class Trip Crush: Homare Midorikawa season 2 3 Years Later

CTC Homare Midorikawa season 2

Homare is a medical student in Tokyo University now. He’s still got his slightly sadistic streak and easily gets jealous, but he still looks after the MC like an older brother and is more affectionate, but also distant at the same time.

This route is different from the other CTC 3 Years Later routes in that the MC starts living by herself. She moves to an apartment close to Homare’s school, and picks up a job at the dango shop where he’s a regular customer. She wants to see Homare more often and makes an effort to do so; since he’s always busy with his studies, she ends up spending a lot of time in his school’s library or at her apartment studying with him.

The MC wants to support him and his studies, but at the same time she wishes they could spend more time together. She’s unsure about how to deal with the fact that the studies for their respective careers are taking more and more time away from them, and the fact that Homare doesn’t seem bothered by it makes her feel even more insecure.

I liked how the MC and Homare support each other in this route. Homare’s determination to succeed in his studies and internship helps motivate the MC, and the MC tries to support Homare in other ways, such as stress relief strategies (though she’s also doing them for ulterior motives as well lol). They can’t have the same relationship they had in high school, but they both grew as individuals and as a couple. Happy playing!

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