[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yuta Kajima season 2 Main Story

MFW Yuta Kajima S2

Yuta’s season 2 main story route is extremely different compared to the other MFW season 2 main stories. Like the other stories, there’s a kid and Yuta ends up playing a “dad,” but there’s less emphasis on the parent-child relationship. The main focus is once again on Yuta’s growing popularity.

Yuta wants knows that being a comedian isn’t a stable job and wants to be able to provide a stable income for the MC before meeting her parents. He’s willing to give up something extremely important to him, but the MC doesn’t want him to; she wants to be able to support Yuta as well, and doesn’t want him to lose sight as to why he wanted to be in a comedian in the first place. I love how at the end Yuta and the MC realize that they have to communicate their wants to each other and rely on each other instead of trying to do everything by themselves.

To be honest, I’m disappointed that there wasn’t more of Futa in this route. After playing all the other season 2 main stories, I was really looking forward to seeing Yuta interact with a kid in a parent-child relationship. He seems like he’s be such a good dad, and the MC says so herself a few times in the route. Futa is adorable too. I’m kind of disappointed that they kind of reused the plot from Yuta’s sequel; the main story is the same, with the MC and Yuta both wanting the best for each other but not realizing that one doesn’t want the other to give up on their own wants and dreams.

If you liked Yuta’s season 1 routes, then you should definitely play this route. The first time I played it I loved it; it was only the second time when I was making the walkthrough that I started to feel a bit disappointed. I can’t wait until Yuta’s wedding bells route comes out. Happy playing!

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