[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Yuya Abe season 1 Main Story

FLD Yuya Abe season 1 main story

FLD Yuya Abe season 1 main story

Yuya is a year older than the MC, and has more experience when it comes to relationships. The MC only knows what she does about him from watching him surf in the mornings on her way to school and seeing him around in school. He’s the idol of the school, and it comes to everyone’s surprise when he asks the MC out on a date.

The romance in this route is right out of a shoujo manga. There’s a lot of the common elements found in them, such as the stereotypical girls ganging up on the MC and the ex. I found it interesting that Yuya is a surfer; I’ve never seen a surfer before in any otome game or anime. Yuya’s struggles between choosing his responsibility to his family and surfing was a conflict that I liked in this route; I loved how the MC and Yuya come up with the solution to the problem together. In my opinion, it was a lot better than the Misaki conflict in the beginning of the route, since the relationship between Yuya and the MC grows stronger because of their resolve to get through the situation together.

I probably would have liked Yuya a lot more if I had played his route after Nao’s. Yuya’s route fell a bit short for me because I kept comparing it to Nao’s. If you want to experience a shoujo manga romance then I would definitely recommend Yuya’s route. If you haven’t played Nao’s route yet but plan on doing so, I recommend playing Yuya’s route first, since I think that Nao’s route is written better. I still enjoyed this route though!

On a side note, Yuya reminds me a lot of Yamato from Sukitte ii na yo. It felt like I was romancing him in an AU or something >w< Happy playing!

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