[WALKTHROUGH] First Love Diaries: Nao Fujimori season 1 Sequel


Chapter 1

  • “Looking forward to it!”
  • “That makes me happy.”

Chapter 2

  • Ask Nao when he comes back
  • Help him
  • (Choose route)
    • … Go out (Nice route)
    • … Stay in (Naughty route)

Nice Route

Chapter 3

  • “Thank you.”
  • “Maybe there’s something we can do!”

Chapter 4

  • “Do you have something to ask me?”
  • “Thank you.”
  • Don’t give up! Keep going together

FLD ending

Naughty Route

Chapter 3

  • Joke, “It’s practice for the future!”
  • Carry the light ones myself

Chapter 4

  • “But you’ll get wet.”
  • Agree with him
  • Say “I’m hungry,” a little forced

FLD ending

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