[WALKTHROUGH] First Love Diaries: Yuya Abe season 1 Sequel


Chapter 1

  • Yeah, you’re captivating
  • I’m pushing myself, but I want to

Chapter 2

  • Answer the phone like he says
  • (Choose route)
    • Keep up the hard work! (Be Supportive route)
    • Could you come to the festival? (Be Selfish route)

Be Supportive Route

Chapter 3

  • Just leave it and go home
  • Dodge the question

Chapter 4

  • “I understand”
  • Hug him
  • Look towards Yuya. “I…”

FLD ending

Be Selfish Route

Chapter 3

  • Sure, you can help
  • “I’m kind of happy you feel jealous.”

Chapter 4

  • Catch his attention with a look
  • “Let me ask everyone.”
  • Memories with Yuya

FLD ending

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