[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Aslan Mafdir season 1 Main Story

BMP2 Aslan Mafdir season 1 main story

Aslan is the prince of Shaharazal. He’s the second son of the king, but is a bit restless and sometimes doesn’t act like a prince; he seems to be unhappy about being one. He needs a fiancée that he can show to his brother, and convinces you to come back with him to Shaharazal for while as a fake fiancée. 

Aslan has a bad relationship with his brother, Prince Heydar. He resents politics and royal duties, and hates Heydar for pushing work onto him. They used to be close, but there’s a reason why Heydar is doing this; it becomes pretty predictable as to what the situation is early on in the game. I found it cute when Heydar asks the MC to teach him how to make pancakes >w<

There isn’t much romance in this route until the end. Aslan is a bit reserved with his affections; it mostly comes in the form of jealousy, which is usually against Heydar when he talks to the MC about anything. There’s a lot of miscommunication in this route, between Aslan and the MC and between the brothers. I enjoyed this route, but might have been expecting too much from his route after Ivan… It fell a little short for me. On a side note, can we talk about how cute Lavi is:


This little cutie was too adorable throughout the entire game >w< Happy playing!

3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Aslan Mafdir season 1 Main Story

    • Yes and yes! Unfortunately, most of the BMP2 routes were released before I started this blog, so I plan on replaying all of the BMP2 routes at some point. I’ll probably redo the reviews for Aslan’s routes as well since they’re so short. It might take a while though, since BMP2 isn’t high on my priority list due to the more recent updates, but it’ll definitely happen sometime. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you’ll continue to read my other reviews as well!


      • it’s no problem at all, and i am not in a rush. thanks so much for your response and for your reviews! they’re very helpful in my decision making and interesting to read, though missing a few characters i was interested in. hope to read more from you soon~

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