[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Aslan Mafdir season 1 Sequel

BMP2 Aslan Mafdir season 1 sequel

A lot of time has passed since Aslan’s main story; Heydar is king now, and Aslan continues to work on his royal duties and the Nobel Expo as the prince of Shaharazal. Aslan struggles with the reality of the fact that he actually doesn’t know much about his own country and its politics; he wants to do more for his country, but doesn’t know how to go about doing it.

Personally, I really enjoyed Aslan’s sequel. It builds up on Aslan and the MC’s relationship, but not just romantically; Aslan knows that becoming a princess isn’t an easy job, and worries about how the MC will take her princess lessons. Aslan has a lot of troubles of his own as he tries to deal with his lack of experience when it comes to politics; he believes that Heydar’s way of doing things is wrong, but can’t come up with anything better on his own. It isn’t until that Aslan and the MC work together that they come up with a solution that solves the crisis peacefully in Shaharazal.

Once again, I think there was a lack of romance in this Aslan’s route compared to the other princes of BMP2, but I didn’t really mind it. You can tell that Aslan and the MC grow closer and that their relationship develops into something beyond just being in love. There’s support for each other and understanding their roles not just as lovers but also as prince and princess of a country. I liked Aslan’s sequel more than his main story; if you liked him in his main route he’ll grow on you even more in his sequel. Happy playing!

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