[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yuta Kajima season 2 Main Story

MFW Yuta Kajima S2

Yuta’s season 2 main story route is extremely different compared to the other MFW season 2 main stories. Like the other stories, there’s a kid and Yuta ends up playing a “dad,” but there’s less emphasis on the parent-child relationship. The main focus is once again on Yuta’s growing popularity. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yuta Kajima season 1 Main Story

MFW Yuta Kajima season 1

Yuta is the tsukkomi (straight man) in the comedy duo Fukumimi. He’s easy-going and considerate, and puts a lot of efforts into his work due to Fukumimi’s lack of popularity. He’s a caring and supportive person, romantically and platonically; the relationships he has with his friends and family mean a lot to him, especially his friend and fellow comedian, Yuu, the boke (funny man) in Fukumimi. Continue reading