[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi season 1 Sequel

FILA Shuichiro Momoi sequel

After winning the Top-Notch Pastry Chef contest, Patisserie Larme grows busier by the day. One day, a girl named Riko wanders into the shop looing for Momoi when he’s out on business with Aki. After a few encounters with her, she confesses to the MC that she’s actually Momoi’s ex-girlfriend from France. Surprised, the MC tells Riko that she’s not willing to separate from Momoi, but Riko replies the same: she wants another chance with Momoi. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Eiki Yachigusa Sequel

MPDCTY Eiki Yachigusa sequel

After wrapping everything up in New York, Eiki is officially part of the 2nd unit at Metro PD. Things seem to be going well until a child named Akari is kidnapped and a ransom notice is sent to Metro PD instead of her parents. Yoshiya Inoue, a famous psychic who makes predictions on television, offers to give the 2nd unit a prediction about the kidnapping and sexual assault cases. Everyone is surprised when her prediction on the sexual assault case comes true a few days later. Continue reading

[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yuta Kajima season 2 Wedding Bells

MFW Yuta Kajima S2

Yuta and the MC are happily in love, with the MC doing her best as a cooking instructor and Yuta earning a stable income and getting even more job offers. Things seem to get even better when Fukumimi is given a chance to host their own show Mimi Talk and get successful ratings. Yuta asks the MC to meet with her parents, but things start going wrong when her father rejects their relationship after being introduced. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Kevin A. Alford season 1 Sequel

BMP2 Kevin A. Alford S1 main story

Due to Liberty’s growth under Kevin’s leadership, Liberty has been invited to participate in the Nobel Expo. Kevin starts getting even busier, and the MC doesn’t get to see him while he’s performing his duties as the representative for the Expo. When they do finally get time off, they decide to go visit Kevin’s hometown. Continue reading