[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Minato Okouchi season 1 Sequel

OTBS Minato Okouchi season 1 sequel

It’s been a while since the MC and Minato have been going out, but now they’re met with a surprise: Minato’s brother Wataru comes back from Italy to start his own restaurant. His arrival is similar to the MC’s in the main story; Minato’s father didn’t say a word about another person moving into the house. They start living together, but it doesn’t take long before Wataru starts causing trouble.

Wataru reminded me of Minato in his main story. He doesn’t trust people, and doesn’t believe in love (the latter was more recent for him). He finds it difficult to believe that the MC is genuinely in love with Minato, and starts getting jealous and tries to break them apart to prove that there’s no such thing as “real” love. Just like Minato, he also has daddy issues; this kind of made me wonder if the MC’s mom is going to be alright being married to their dad =___=;;

Personally, it seemed like there was more of a focus on Wataru than Minato in this route, but I think the MC and Minato grow a bit more as a couple, especially with the MC getting a better understanding of his family situation in this route. If you liked Minato in his main story, then you’ll enjoy his route. Happy playing!

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