[REVIEW] Serendipity Next Door: Keiichi Tokiwa season 1 Main Story

SND Keiichi Tokiwa season 1 main story

SND Keiichi Tokiwa season 1 main story

Keiichi is a stylist, and is extremely flamboyant in everything he does: his style, his words, and his actions. He’s extremely touchy-feely from the start, but doesn’t mean anything by it; he just does it to see the MC’s reactions, which leaves her feeling confused.

Keiichi and the MC start getting close from the “girls night out” they have together. Byron is shocked by how little interest the MC has in fashion and insists that he grades her outfits everyday. The MC starts to care more about her clothes and style after this, and makes more of an effort not to receive failing grades. They get even closer when they start to work together for an ad campaign the MC is doing for her work.

I love friends-before-lovers routes. The romance feels so much more natural, and even though this route had a rather interesting twist to the whole idea, I loved it. There’s a reason why Byron is the way he is, but they don’t go much in depth into it. There’s a bit of angst in this route though. There’s rejection, and I love how Mitsuko helped the MC through it; I like her character and want to see more of her in future routes. Once again, I find myself thinking that the heads are a bit too big in some of the CGs *cough*Izumi*cough*, but other than that, I don’t really have any bad things to say about this route.

I found it hilarious that the MC thinks that Keiichi and Shinbou are together in the beginning; there was some of it in the other routes, but her thoughts are much more clear about it in this route XD I enjoyed this route a lot, and definitely recommend it (especially if you waiting for it like I was >w<) Happy playing!

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