[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Eiki Yachigusa Main Story

MPDCTY Eiki Yachigusa

Eiki is a transfer detective from the NYPD currently going through training at MPD. He’s outgoing and cheerful, and good at his job; he’s known for being a genius detective who solved a difficult case said to be the hardest to solve in the history of NYPD. However, there are secrets that he hides behind that smile of his.

Being raised in America, Eiki is less reserved when it comes to physical contact than the MC. The MC doesn’t know how to take this, and added with his good looks and flirtatious nature, she slowly starts to fall for him, even though she tries to stop it (I don’t know why though =___=) Eiki has a mindset of every person for themselves, and is surprised when the MC stands up for him and does nice things for him.

Being raised as an Asian-American in New York, Eiki had a harder time making friends, and because of that started wearing his “iron mask” to fit in better. His parents’ expectations just added to the stress in his life, and he closed himself off to the peole around him. He starts to open up the MC and falling for her, but they both struggle with the fact that Eiki has to return to New York after the case is finished.

I love this route so much. My heart hurt a few places in this route; I was absolutely immersed in it (to the point that I procrastinated on homework again =___=;;) It might be my favorite, but I’ll have to reply Tennoji’s route before I say so XD The romance in this route didn’t feel rushed at all; it happened gradually and naturally, which is something I really like. I love how he how he starts to open and show his real self towards the end. The case in itself makes him question his morals and what it means to be a cop, and he grows as a person from it.

Eiki is such a sweet, caring person, and is a bit more complex compared to the other MPDCTY characters due to his unique background. He’s also into anime, which just makes me love him even more >w< If you enjoyed all the other routes in MPDCTY, then I think you’ll enjoy his. I definitely recommend his route. This review was a bit long >__<;; Happy playing!

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