[WALKTHROUGH] Metro PD: Close to You: Eiki Yachigusa Main Story

MPDCTY Eiki Yachigusa

Chapter 1

  • “I didn’t forget.”
  • Don’t ask anything

Chapter 2

  • Let him stay over
  • “Yeah, I would’ve recognized.”

Chapter 3

  • “I’m going too.”
  • “It was scary.”

Chapter 4

  • “I’m going to eat. Come with me!”
  • “I’m sorry!”

Chapter 5

  • Use your phone to report to Eiki
  • “What are you talking about?”

Chapter 6

  • “I’m not tired yet.”
  • “What’s wrong?”

Chapter 7

  • “Yep. Ever since I was little.”
  • Insist on paying

Chapter 8

  • Silently poke Eiki
  • Ask him why he’s so quiet

Chapter 9

  • “Don’t tease me!”
  • “I was just thinking.”

Chapter 10

  • “I don’t know either.”
  • Don’t say anything

Chapter 11

  • “I don’t know.”
  • “This looks bad, huh?”

Chapter 12

  • Say thank you
  • Look away from Eiki

Chapter 13

  • Wrap your arms around Eiki
  • “How do you know?”

Chapter 14

  • Duck like he says
  • Remain silent


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