[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mahiro Nanase season 1 Main Story



Mahiro is cheerful and easygoing, but is known throughout the school for being a flirt and a playboy. His smiles disappear sometimes to show a serious, mature boy, and this makes the people around him to take him seriously when he does so. He acts friendly towards everyone, but has a hard time opening up to and trusting people.

The MC is confused when he first asks her out because she thinks he’s joking. She doesn’t reply until the next day when he demands an answer from her. She answers him at the end of the day, but not before worrying over how serious he actually is. It’s only after her friends encourage her to step out and give the relationship a try that she says yes to him.

Mahiro’s a playboy, and most of his friends are too; ten days into their relationship he tell the MC the real reason why he wanted to go out with her, and she’s utterly heartbroken. Mahiro tells her that although his initial reasons for wanting to out with her weren’t pure, he really treasures her now and wants to stay with her. He’s absolutely adorable afterwards, and I love how he opens up to the MC more.

I think every route in FLD is going to address something that comes with relationships. With Nao, it was your “firsts” with him (including sex); with Yuya, it was relationships that the other person has, whether it’s past lovers or family. With Mahiro, it addresses whether boyfriends or friends are more important, and finding the balance between the two. I love how they’re doing this, and I hope that the trend continues.

I enjoyed this route. Not as much as Nao’s, but more so than Yuya’s. He’s such a tease, and his childish and mature sides both just add to his charm. If you enjoyed Nao and Yuya’s routes, then I definitely recommend this one. Happy playing!

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