[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Aki Fujishima season 1 Sequel

FILA Aki Fujishima sequel

It’s been a month since the MC and Aki have started dating, and Aki decides to take the Larme staff on a trip to the hot springs in Kobe. While they’re there, they go to a party hosted by the people who publish the Japanese version of the Michelin Guide (a well-known hotel and restaurant guide). They try a variety of cakes there, and have fun at the hot springs at night. However, things take a turn for the worse when they receive a surprise when they return to Patisserie Larme the next day.

It turns out that Aki is going to start working at his father’s company; one of the people in the company board fell into ill health, and his father wants him to take the position. He leaves Larme to do so, and the MC and Aki start to get more distant from each other. The brother of the MC’s old employer is put in charge of Patisserie Larme, and he starts changing the shop’s image from “small happiness” to “out of reach;” he wants to make it a high class shop to raise revenue. None of the Larme staff is happy about this, and the MC has a hard time dealing with the image change as well as the growing distance between her and Aki.

Aki and the MC are both similar in the way that they don’t want to burden the other, but still want the other to trust them and rely on them more. The MC has a tendency to say that everything is “OK” even when she’s struggling, and Aki doesn’t want to cause the MC worry or lose face in front of by telling her his troubles. This causes them to fall apart, and it isn’t until their relationship is almost beyond repair that they start to be more honest with each other and make up; the ending is similar to Aki’s main story route in that aspect.

I enjoyed Aki’s main route, and I think his sequel addressed some problems that his main route left unanswered, such as his position as the son of the CEO of Wisteria. They learn that communication is important in a relationship, and that they should always be honest with each other regardless if it feels like they’re burdening the other; being in a relationship with someone means sharing their happiness and their pains.

I also liked when the MC worried about showing her body to Aki, he reassures her that he still loves her the way she is. I think it’s a cause of stress for most women in a relationship with a younger man, and he noticed and doesn’t just say that it’s “okay.” He makes it a point to say that he loves her and her body, and tries to make her feel confident about herself. I highly recommend both Aki’s main route and sequel, and am already anticipating Momoi’s release >w< Happy playing!

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