[REVIEW] In Your Arms Tonight: Tsukasa Niregi Main Story

IYAT Tsukasa NIregi main story

Tsukasa is an art student who goes to college with Kiyoto. Unlike Kiyoto, who paints, Tsukasa does sculpture and works with metal. He’s cheerful and easygoing at first glance, and is a bit touchy-feely with the MC from the start. He’s your typical “nice guy” that does his best to get along with everyone. However, he has an unexpected cold side that pops up once in a while from always trying to please others, and the MC isn’t quite sure how to react to it.

The MC first meets Tsukasa during a girls’ night out at the bar where Kiyoto works. He invites her to his school’s art festival to see his work, and she decides to go. She has a great time there, and even gets a necklace as a gift from him. Later she meets Tsukasa again at a restaurant she and Aiba decide to go to celebrate the end of a project they just finished. Tsukasa mentions that the owner is looking to change the interior, and after a talk with the owner the next day, the MC gets put in charge of the project. He appoints Tsukasa as the point of contact for the project, and she starts to talk to him more because of it.

The MC is divorced in this route, and struggles trying to find the courage to tell the people around her that she is. She continues to wear her wedding ring to hide the fact that she’s a divorcee until she feels that she’s confident enough to tell the people at her work. Tsukasa also has troubles with his relationships with people, and he and the MC encourage and help each other get past their past hurts. Because of a misunderstanding, Tsukasa starts to close himself off from people again, but at the end he becomes more honest with himself and tells the MC how he really feels instead of holding his real feelings within himself.

One thing that I loved in this route was the relationship the MC had with Koichi. Unlike other routes where she doesn’t want to see him or they divorce in the end after the affair, the MC makes an effort to get over her divorce and keep a relationship with Koichi, even if they were divorced. She doesn’t forgive him, but she honestly wants him to do well in life, even though they went their separate ways. She couldn’t have done this without Tsukasa, just like Tsukasa wouldn’t have been able to express what he really feels in his life and art without her.

Tsukasa reminds me a bit of myself, seeing as his family situation is very familiar to mine. I could sympathize with him a lot throughout the route, but overall the route fell a bit short for me compared to the other IYAT routes (like Kippei or Koichi; I need to replay those soon). I don’t know if it was just me, but Tsukasa’s head was a bit too big at some angles… It kind of bothered me =___=;; If you loved the other routes in IYAT, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well. Happy playing!

6 thoughts on “[REVIEW] In Your Arms Tonight: Tsukasa Niregi Main Story

    • Hi Anna! I honestly can’t remember too well what happened in the epilogue, but it’s a safe bet that if you enjoyed his main story you’ll probably enjoy the epilogue as well ^__^;;
      And as for updates… I honestly have no idea ; A ; I know there are a few sub stories that they haven’t translated yet, but I have no idea where we are when it comes to main stories… Hopefully there’s more, because I love this app and don’t want to see it end ; w ;


  1. I haven’t read his route yet, but I completely agree with his head. I just replayed Keppei’s route, and I was thinking about reading this guy, but I don’t think I will. My favorite character is Ritsu, and also Keppei. I’m going to replay Soji and Genji and then the bartender. I just replayed Aiba’s route too, but his route wasn’t the best. I like him just fine, but I hate how much of a slag Nanami is in that route.


    • Ahh yeah Nanami can get to be a bit much in some of the routes orz

      I liked Soji’s route a lot! Kiyoto too. I didn’t think I’d like Kiyoto at first but he really grew on me… he can be such a sweetheart sometimes so it’s hard not to like him 🙂


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