[REVIEW] Class Trip Crush: Nagisa Ichinose season 2 3 Years Later

CTC Nagisa Ichinose season 2 3 years later

Nagisa is becoming increasing busy with his acting career and attempts to get into scriptwriting, so he suggests that he and the MC live together in his apartment so they can spend more time together. With her parents’ approval, the MC starts living with Nagisa for half a week at a time. Things seem to be going well, but then Nagisa decides to quit his career as an actor.

Nagisa finally gets his first novel published, and it’s an instant success. Not only did it sell out on the first day, Takigawa, the director that Nagisa looks up to as a role model, wants to make a movie adaption out of the book with Nagisa as the lead. However, instead of being excited, Nagisa is troubled because that wasn’t his intent when he wrote the book. He wants to spend more time and effort into pursuing his dream, and decides to quit being an actor so he can take it more seriously.

After holding a press conference announcing his intent to retire, Nagisa becomes an assistant on Director Takigawa’s set. There’s a lot of talk on the set about how Nagisa only got the position because he was an idol before, which contributed to his novel selling well. Nagisa knows this, but instead of complaining he puts in a lot more effort. He moves out of his apartment so he can start fresh and leave everything from his acting career behind. The MC isn’t sure how she feels about this; it feels as if Nagisa is leaving her behind.

Nagisa is one of my favorites in CTC, and I love how they focused on his transition from acting to learning how to direct movies. They touched upon it on his season 1 sequel, and I honestly think that they did a good job of going through it in this route. The MC and Nagisa live together in this route, but there’s only a slight emphasis on it in the beginning; Nagisa’s so busy that he’s rarely home, and when he moves out of the apartment they aren’t living together at all. That and the lack of time together creates a distance between the two, and the MC starts getting worried.

I didn’t like how Nagisa didn’t talk to the MC about anything, but Taketo and Kanji explain it best: guys don’t like showing their weak side to others, especially their girlfriends. The ending felt a bit rushed with the conclusion; there wasn’t any build up to it, and I think that they could have written it a bit better. I highly recommend this route if you liked Nagisa in season 1; you’ll definitely love him (maybe even more) in this route. Happy playing!

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