[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Kaoru Kirishima season 2 The Proposal

OTBS Kaoru Kirishima S2 the proposal

Kaoru falls through the roof after trying to fix a leaking pipe in the attic. The repairman recommends getting the whole house fixed since there are multiple rotted patches in the ceiling. He recommends them a place to stay for cheap, but it turns out to be a renovated condo that used to be a love hotel. Things turn more complicated when they’re asked to take care of popular actress Kaede Tachibana’s child.

After moving in, the MC and Kaoru find a little girl named Momo looking lost as she follows Tama to their new apartment. They help her find her mother, who turns out to be Kaede, who the MC interviewed a few days before. Kaede reveals that she’s a single mother, and that she’s been thinking about revealing it to the public eye. She asks the MC if she’ll write an article about it since she’s seen them, but the MC refuses to; she says that she’ll pretend that she never saw them that day, and that she’ll keep it a secret. However, the next day, an article talking about Kaede having an affair and illegitimate child is revealed, and the MC is taken off of the interview team.

Kaede asks the MC to take care of Momo for a while to keep her out of the public eye. She doesn’t have any other friends, and the MC is the only person she can ask to do this. Kaoru and Momo don’t get along, but as they live together, both start to open up to each other and they start acting like a family. After a lot of struggles, Kaede and Momo stay together, and Kaoru proposes to the MC when they go visit their house under repairs.

There’s a lot of drama in this route, and the MC and Kaoru disagree about a lot of things. It addresses the theme of Kaoru’s season 1 sequel epilogue: sometimes he’s a bit too overprotective of the MC. He doesn’t want her to get hurt, and tried to stop her from getting involved in Kaede and Momo’s case because of it. When the MC explains to him why this case is so important to her, he understands and does his best to help her finish her article in time for the deadline.

I think this route has the same problem as Kaoru’s season 1 main story: the ending felt a bit rushed, and Kaoru’s change of heart was a bit too quick. The story was still well written, but I didn’t see much growth in the relationship between Kaoru and the MC. It might be because Kaoru is one of my favorites, but I was expecting more from this route. At least it didn’t have Kaoru calling the MC his pet like Minato did (though he does compare her to Tama a few times lol). Kaoru’s proposal wasn’t anything too serious, but it felt like something he would do, and I love the little conversation he and the MC had afterwards about having a family *melts into puddle of feels* If you liked Kaoru in his season 1, then you’ll definitely like this route. If you haven’t played his season 1 routes yet, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Go play them! Once, again, happy playing!

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