[REVIEW] Serendipity Next Door: Keiichi Tokiwa season 1 Sequel

SND Keiichi Tokiwa S1 sequel

Keiichi and the MC have been dating for a few months, and their relationship is going well. Keiichi gets an opportunity to fill in for a regular for a show about fashion critiques. His appearance causes his popularity to shoot up, and he gets even more opportunities on television as a personal stylist. He starts to get extremely busy, and starts spending less time with the MC because of it.

As Keiichi gets more career opportunities, the MC becomes busy with overtime due to Yujiro being moved to the Hiroshima branch for a while. They get even less opportunities to see each other, and when they do finally find the time to eat dinner together, Keiichi does nothing but criticize the MC. She breaks down and tells him it’s not like she wants to dress unfashionably or complain; she might have cared more about how she looked if he had taken more time to talk to her. Keiichi is shocked, and asks her why he didn’t tell him earlier; he apologizes for making her feel lonely, and later decides to quit working as a television personality to focus more on fashion. While going on a trip to Kyoto together after all his television appearances, Keiichi tells the MC that he got an opportunity to work at Japan Fashion Week.

Things start to look up for the both of them, until Keiichi starts having issues with Reico, the model he’s working with for Japan Fashion Week. She doesn’t like any of his ideas, and ultimately fires him. Keiichi is discouraged, and the MC helps him get back on his feet; she helps him realize that he lost sight of his original goal, and after a lot of hard work, he finally gets to accomplish his goal of working at Japan Fashion Week.

I liked Keiichi’s sequel. There isn’t much to say about it, since the situation is one that’s been used a lot by Voltage, but I enjoyed playing it. I really enjoyed the sequel epilogue too, and highly recommend it if you enjoyed Keiichi’s sequel. Honestly, I think there was more growth in their relationship in the epilogue than the sequel itself. I was expecting more romance due to the lack of it in his main story, but unfortunately Voltage did not deliver ㅠ____ㅠ If you enjoyed Keiichi’s main story, then I highly recommend this route. Happy playing!


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