[WALKTHROUGH] Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi season 1 Main Story

FILA Momoi Shuichiro main story

Chapter 1

  • Turn him down
  • Call him Momo!

Chapter 2

  • “This is coming from the ‘Prince of Pastry’?”
  • Maybe I’ll enter

Chapter 3

  • Stare back at him
  • “N-No I wasn’t!”

Chapter 4

  • “A-Aaaaah.”
  • “Well are you afraid you’ll fall for me?!”

Chapter 5

  • Poke Momo in the side
  • “That’s so nice.”

Chapter 6

  • “I like Gibli too.”
  • “You never stop joking around, huh?”

Chapter 7

  • “Of course n…”
  • “He did it for my sake.”

Chapter 8

  • “Sorry…”
  • “Does that bother you?”

Chapter 9

  • “I’m a little concerned.”
  • Ask him where he’s going

Chapter 10

  • Get angry at him
  • I have the rough design sketch of that cake

Chapter 11

  • “I want to make this cake with you.”
  • Stroke his head

Chapter 12

  • “What’re you talking about?”
  • Look at Momo

FILA ending

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