[WALKTHROUGH] Our Two Bedroom Story: Kaoru Kirishima season 1 Main Story

OTBS Kaoru Kirishima S1 main story

Chapter 1

  • “I’ll try to cooperate with him.”
  • That’s not the point

Chapter 2

  • Thanks for taking the call
  • Move out of his way

Chapter 3

  • Is the food good?
  • “I’ll do it myself.”

Chapter 4

  • Ask Kaoru
  • I found the cat

Chapter 5

  • “It’s obvious.”
  • Your hands are warm

Chapter 6

  • Thanks for saving me
  • Why do you ask?

Chapter 7

  • Let’s finish this together
  • Then teach me

Chapter 8

  • Sorry I misunderstood
  • I won’t cry

Chapter 9

  • Talk to everyone
  • Are you mad?

Chapter 10

  • I want you to read it first
  • Please

Chapter 11

  • Bow your head too
  • Our fingers touched…

Chapter 12

  • Tell him about the man
  • I’m fine

OTBS S1 ending

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