[WALKTHROUGH] Serendipity Next Door: Keiichi Tokiwa season 1 Sequel

SND Keiichi Tokiwa S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • “You’re the only one for me!”
  • “I think it’s great.”

Chapter 2

  • “Let’s see the movie some other day.”
  • “It’s complicated.”

Chapter 3

  • “Are you sleeping?”
  • “I’m sorry.”

Chapter 4

  • “Just a little longer…”
  • “I’ll make it!”

Chapter 5

  • “Luck in love!”
  • “I’m sleepy, too.”

Chapter 6

  • “It makes me mad, too.”
  • “Wanna come over?”

Chapter 7

  • “Congrats!”
  • Wave at him

SND S1 ending

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