[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Kevin A. Alford season 1 Main Story

BMP2 Kevin A. Alford S1 sequel

Kevin was raised in Liberty’s countryside. He’s studying to become a politician who can bring the current fallen Liberty back to its old glory days. He’s well educated and good-looking, and he knows it; his confidence shows in his personality. He shows an arrogant persona to those around him, but once he gets closer to the MC, he starts opening up to her and showing her his true self.

The MC and Kevin’s first encounter isn’t a good one; she bumps into him with a tray full of hot tea and cake, and causes Kevin to get angry since he has to go to work. She meets him again when she goes out to have a drink with May at the bar; much to her surprise, the bartender is none other that Keith. After going home that night, both are surprised to find out that they live in the same apartment complex. After a few incidents, they start getting closer and bump into each other more often. Kevin asks(?) the MC out on a date, but they get chased by men in black suits on their way to the restaurant. They get cornered when they try to get back to their apartment, but get saved by Luke, the butler of the Alford family.

Luke reveals that Kevin is actually Andrew Alford, the prince of the royal family of Liberty believed to be dead. Kevin sees this as a chance to realize his dream, and decides to take up the mantle of being Liberty’s prince. He starts an intensive ten-day royalty training with Luke. The MC can’t return home due to the mafia keeping an eye on her, so she joins him. They grow closer, and eventually start falling for each other.

I haven’t felt this ridiculously happy and gushy from reading a Voltage route in a long time. There are so many things that Voltage did right with this route. Kevin has his own dream, and works hard to accomplish it. He doesn’t use the fact that he was raised as a civilian as a means to make things easier for him; in fact he works harder because of it, and you can see that he really wants to change Liberty for the better. The romance is much more realistic because it happens gradually, and the situation makes it much more plausible; Kevin is thrown into a new world along with the MC, so they end up supporting each other, and through that support, start falling in love.

Not only that, but Kevin develops as a character as well. In the beginning, he was used to working by alone to makes things happen. But by helping out at his hometown’s festival with the MC, he learns that he can’t change the country himself; he needs the help of the politicians of Liberty’s parliament as well. He learns to open up to others and compromise, which coming from him (he is Keith’s grandson, after all) is a huge step forward. If you loved the other princes in BMP or BMP2 (especially Keith), then I definitely recommend this route! Once again, happy playing!

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