[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Kevin A. Alford season 1 Sequel

BMP2 Kevin A. Alford S1 main story

Due to Liberty’s growth under Kevin’s leadership, Liberty has been invited to participate in the Nobel Expo. Kevin starts getting even busier, and the MC doesn’t get to see him while he’s performing his duties as the representative for the Expo. When they do finally get time off, they decide to go visit Kevin’s hometown.

After returning to their respective places, Luke surprises the MC by calling her and asking if she’s free. She replies yes, and gets taken to Liberty for her engagement party to Kevin. After the party, she decides to stay at Liberty to make preparations for the Expo. However, a problem soon arises when it comes to light that getting rid of the mafia is causing a lot the citizens to lose their jobs; it turns out that the mafia is more involved in the job market and economy than Kevin and the parliament thought they were.

Kevin’s sequel reminded me a lot of Aslan’s sequel. Both are similar in that they want to change their country, but end up unsure if they’re doing it the right way. Kevin wants to build the Liberty in his dreams: run by the government, and not tainted by underground organizations such as the mafia. He truly believes that that’s the only way to bring Liberty back to its former glory, but once he sees the repercussions of his decision, he starts to get discouraged. The former king Keith (yay!), Grant, and the MC all tell him the same thing: that he should continue to pursue what he believes is right.

I loved the father-son relationship that Grant and Kevin had in this route. Grant reassures him that the people of Liberty aren’t as weak as he thinks they are; he asks Kevin to believe in them to stand up and find honest jobs after the mafia is abolished, and that gives him the final push to keep going on with his decision. While the MC did encourage Kevin, it’s nice to see a change from the MC influencing everything the male lead does in the route. I highly recommend this route if you liked Kevin’s main route, and really encourage you to give Kevin a try if you haven’t already. Happy playing!

One thought on “[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Kevin A. Alford season 1 Sequel

  1. I really love your post about BMP 2. I love all the lead male in the games. But, I haven’t chance to play the Royal Wedding part. So, can you make a review about Royal Wedding of BMP 2 ? I make this request because your post is very helpful. So please, can you make it?


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