[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Mahiro Nanase season 1 Sequel

FLD Mahiro Nanase S1 sequel

Mahiro and the MC both go on a two-week long student exchange program with their school to London. After arriving, Mahiro starts getting jealous of the “Buddy” assigned to Yume to help her throughout the duration of the trip. As they spend more time in London, Mahiro starts to get even more jealous?

Mahiro kind of ticked me off a little in the Off to London route. His jealousy was cute in the beginning, but towards the end it got a bit out of hand (in my opinion). I didn’t see the point of him testing the MC’s love in the SHE, and his way of making it the most “unforgettable” anniversary missed the mark for me.

His At the Movies route was a lot better. I thought the logic behind his little kiss/bite at the set was adorable XD The ending was a lot better too, and you can see Mahiro grow a little in a way that doesn’t seemd forced. If you’re going to play both routes, I recommend play the Off to London route first so that it doesn’t disappoint you as much. Happy playing!

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