[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yuta Kajima season 2 Wedding Bells

MFW Yuta Kajima S2

Yuta and the MC are happily in love, with the MC doing her best as a cooking instructor and Yuta earning a stable income and getting even more job offers. Things seem to get even better when Fukumimi is given a chance to host their own show Mimi Talk and get successful ratings. Yuta asks the MC to meet with her parents, but things start going wrong when her father rejects their relationship after being introduced.

Please excuse me while I drown in my self-created lake of tears. Once again, I find myself questioning why Yuta doesn’t get the love that he deserves from the Voltage fandom. Maybe all the time I spent waiting for this route to come out might have something to do with it, but I absolutely loved this route. It might be my favorite wedding bells route. There are so many things that they do right in this route it’s just overwhelming *drowns in feels*

The amount of work that Yuta put in to get the MC’s father’s blessing is just amazing. He doesn’t want to do things half-heartedly; he wants to marry her, but he wants to do it right and doesn’t want her to have regrets or a bad relationship with her parents. Not that this is something new; some of the other MFW wedding bells routes had this issue. However, I think that Yuta’s route makes it easier to understand the MC’s parents’ feelings; it makes it feel so much more meaningful when he finally does get their blessings.

You can see how much effort Yuta puts into trying to make the MC happy, but one thing that I absolutely love is that he doesn’t try to sacrifice his own happiness for hers. Too often I see the male lead give up something so that the MC can be happy; not that I’m saying that that’s a bad thing, but it was much more fulfilling (? I’m not sure what to call this feeling) watching Yuta do his best and not accept anything but absolute happiness for both himself and the MC.

If you haven’t played any of Yuta’s routes yet, you’re wrong. He’s one of the biggest sweethearts in the Voltage fandom, and so underappreciated in both the JP and EN versions of the app (his honeymoon route still isn’t out yet in the JP route *sobs*). If you liked Yuta in his previous routes, I highly recommend this route. If you have played Yuta’s routes and thought that some of his rotues were a bit lacking, I highly recommend playing this route. JUST PLAY IT. Once again, happy playing! >w<

3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Forged Wedding: Yuta Kajima season 2 Wedding Bells

  1. I played Yuta’s main story a long while ago and I absolutely loved him. He’s the type of guy that I want to marry XD. I totally agree and I think it’s kind of sad that he always seems to be neglected by voltage (even the newer characters come out faster). I finally got back to him and after reading your review, I think I’m going to buy his story! I didn’t read any of the wedding bells story yet (I’m so behind!!) so I think I’ll read his first! I was just wondering if I have to get the main story second season in order to get the best of the wedding bells since I don’t have much room on my phone anymore D:


    • Personally, I don’t like skipping routes because a lot of stories build on each other and sometimes you’ll miss references to things that happened in past routes (especially in the older Voltage games). But then again, it might be me.
      All I really remember from Yuta’s route is that I was disappointed that there wasn’t more interaction between him and the kid they have to look after since Yuta seems like he’d be a great dad ; w ;

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