[WALKTHROUGH] First Love Diaries: Mahiro Nanase season 1 Sequel

FLD Mahiro Nanase S1 sequel

Chapter 1

  • We’re on a school trip!
  • Tell him about Keale visiting

Chapter 2

  • Ask him jokingly, “Jealous?”
  • (Choose route)
    • Let’s spend a day together in London! (Off to London route)
    • Let’s be extras in the movie! (At the Movies route)

Off to London Route

Chapter 3

  • Probably not
  • You’re number one for me

Chapter 4

  • Admit it
  • Kiss him on the cheek
  • Try to keep the conversation light

FLD ending

At the Movies Route

Chapter 3

  • Wait for Mahiro
  • Get him back!

Chapter 4

  • Ask Mahiro for help
  • Apologize for forgetting
  • “Anything.”

FLD ending

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