[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi season 1 Sequel

FILA Shuichiro Momoi sequel

After winning the Top-Notch Pastry Chef contest, Patisserie Larme grows busier by the day. One day, a girl named Riko wanders into the shop looing for Momoi when he’s out on business with Aki. After a few encounters with her, she confesses to the MC that she’s actually Momoi’s ex-girlfriend from France. Surprised, the MC tells Riko that she’s not willing to separate from Momoi, but Riko replies the same: she wants another chance with Momoi.

While on their one-month anniversary trip to the hot springs, the MC keeps worrying about the situation with Riko. After asking him if he worries about her past, Momoi replies that he accepts her past because it made her who she is today, and that she shouldn’t worry about his past because he only has eyes for her now. While meeting up at a wedding venue with a couple who wants Larme to make cakes for their reception, they bump into Riko, who turns out to be the wedding planner for the same couple.

Momoi asks Aki to turn down the job offer for the wedding reception cakes, but later on the MC convinces him to take on the job; by turning it down, he’s just running away from his past with Riko, and the MC doesn’t want that. They take on the job, and Momoi finally finishes things up with Riko and finds closure.

I loved Momoi’s sequel a lot more than his main story. While the situation wasn’t anything new, the route itself was written well. I absolutely loved how the MC didn’t let her personal feelings get in the way when it came to her work and relationship with Momoi. She understands that they can’t truly be happy without Momoi ending things for good with Riko, and even though she’s scared that she’s going to lose him to his ex, she still tries her best so that they’ll make up. Add in the fact that she’s nine years older than him, she’s an extremely brave person, and I love her for it so much. She’s definitely one of my favorite MCs.

One thing that really caught my attention was when Momoi said that he and the MC are a couple that help each other grow. You definitely see that throughout the route, and not just in one way; they broth grow professionally, personally, and as a couple. Their success in their personal lives shows in their work by the cakes they make. At the wedding reception, the guests all comment on how the cakes are the fruits of their love, and I think it really is true. By understanding each other and supporting each other, they made each other better patissiers, and others can taste it in the cakes that they make together.

If you were hesitant to give Momoi’s sequel a try after his main story, I definitely recommend that you do so. It was much better written than his main story, and I absolutely loved it. If you already liked Momoi, than you’ll like this route as well (obviously lol). Please don’t be hesitant to give FILA a try just because the MC is older! Happy playing!

17 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Shuichiro Momoi season 1 Sequel

  1. I’ll give the sequel a try. I bought both of the main stories and will probably get more from this game. So happy with the MC. I also love that she’s an older lady. Must support this and I hope we get more older characters.


    • Please do! Momoi’s main story doesn’t do him justice IMO. I love his character, and I think his sequel does so much more for him compared to his main route. If you like older MCs, then you should consider giving In Your Arms Tonight a try. The MC is in her 30s, and a majority of the routes are extremely well written.


      • I’ll give it a try. I never know who to pick on these games and its a good thing they give you a free chapter to try it out. So far, my favorite is Ren (My Forged Wedding). Voltage be taking all my moneys!


        • The amount of money I spend on these games is ridiculous, but I really enjoy them and they’re a form of stress relief for me so I think it’s worth it >w<
          If you liked Ren from MFW, then I think you'll also like Shiki from 10 Days with My Devil and Kaoru from Our Two Bedroom Story as well. Both are the quiet, sleepy types like Ren. You might also want to give Asano from Metro PD: Close to You a try.


  2. So many to collect! I still haven’t tried Be My Princess yet. So many characters! I don’t know that I like the quite ones. Usually , I go for the flirts. Ren may have just been special. These games give me all kinds of joy joy feelings and they bring out the goober in me. Right now, I’m waiting for Kyoga(Enchanted in the Moonlight). He’s coming! Also My Forged Wedding is on a pre Halloween sale so I got Saeki. Worth it!


    • I also can’t wait for Kyoga to come out >w< I enjoyed Saeki's route a lot more than I thought I would when I played it. MFW seems to be a favorite of everyone so I would give all the routes a try if you can. BMP as well!


  3. I just can’t get enough of this guy. He’s so cute the way one minute he’s teasing her and the next he’s being all gentle and sweet. Do you reccommend his Domestic Bliss Story? I’m hesitiant to get it since there will supposedly be a fight.


        • The fight was over something stupid and it only happened because both of them overreacted. It gets resolved within the next day though so no worries XD
          And I think he would! Based on the POVs that Voltage has released for Momoi, he’s absolutely smitten with her and finds her adorable ^w^


        • yeah that’s what I thought too but you know….cause of Riko I wasn’t really sure. Personally I wouldnt be supriesed if MC dumped him. He just too conceited and snarky sometimes.


        • Yeah he was just AWFUL about the conceited thing in his main story. half the time I wished there was an option that said “Slap him” LOL. I like GENTLEMAN *cough* Yuto *cough*


        • Ohhh does this person play the JP version of the games? I assumed it was going to be a proposal route because of the description that I got when I tapped on the icon for it in the catalogue XD I’m surprised by how quickly Voltage is releasing updates for FILA though. Yuto’s S1 sequel and Aki’s S2 route are both being released in the same month =___=;;


        • The person with blog plays JP yeah but not me. I got really excited about that. I mean the last CG gives it away and lets face it, the other two are adorable 😉


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