Thoughts on True Love Sweet Lies


Making walkthroughs for these are hard because I’ll start panicking when I’m on the wrong side of the meter, but it’s generally easy to decide which answers will make you move in what direction. These routes will probably take me a bit longer to post walkthroughs for since I have to go through the story twice to get the different endings ; A ;

I wasn’t a big fan of Voltage’s idea on the special end sets. While I do understand that they’re a business, $2.99 seems a bit overpriced for me. I was expecting them to be the same price as an epilogue or even cheaper. I ended up getting them anyway (wow what a surprise) and did enjoy them, but I’m still debating whether I want to buy any more in the future. If this is just for the main stories, then I might. If it continues on for the sequels and future routes, then I probably won’t, seeing as I could buy a sub story with that money instead.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the game, but the situation seems to be close to LLFTX (which I haven’t played. I’m sorry I promise I will soon once I find the time *sobs*) I enjoyed the game a lot more than I thought I would. There’s action and romance, and while some routes focus on one more than the other, there seems to be a good balance between the two on the two routes that were released so far. The character personalities may also affect the ratio between action and romance for plot reasons (IMO). The Nanahoshi twins are just play tug of war with my heart (but Sakuya won. Sorry Kiyo XD)

On a side note, I keep misspelling Kiyoharu’s name as Kiyoshi (I did it again as I typed this =___=;;)

[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Main Story


Sakuya may seem similar to his brother Kiyoharu because of his harsh words, but that’s the only similarity between them. The two are polar opposites, from his inability to hide what he feels to his dislike of women, but the shaky relationship between the two stays the same. After deciding that she’ll try to keep her distance from Sakuya, Nozomu sends the two to the Middle East for a case, and they start to get closer to each other after spending more time together. Continue reading

[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Kiyoharu Nanahoshi season 1 Main Story


Kiyoharu is older of the Nanahoshi twins. He doesn’t pull back with his words, and isn’t shy when it comes to flirting with the ladies. Although he lied when he first told the MC that he liked her, both he and the MC start falling for each other as they spend more time together. The MC can’t help but wonder if his feelings for her are real, and things turn complicated with Sakuya starts having feelings for her as well. Continue reading

[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Katsuyuki Kyobashi Sequel

MPDCTY Katsuyuki Kyobashi sequel

After Kyobashi’s father, the chief of police, collapses and is taken to the hospital, the MC and Kyobashi are stationed there to investigate on a medical malpractice case from three years ago. The MC is shocked by how cold the relationship between Kyobashi and his father is, and wants him to open up to her more so she can get a better understanding of him. Continue reading

[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Iroha Main Volume

Yoshiwara Iroha

Taken in by his beauty, the MC chooses to spend time with Iroha, the manager of Kikuya. Iroha treats her with kindness, and she can’t deny that he has a kind heart, even if his eyes are cold at times. She falls deeply in love with him, and though he returns her feelings, his background makes him hesitant to cherish her as much as he wants to. She learns more about him as time passes, and accepts him for everything he is, including his hidden self. Continue reading

some changes

So after getting feedback from tumblr and reading a few comments here, I’ve decided to make my reviews more opinion based, since many of you seem to dislike an excessive amount of spoilers. I’ll still have a few here and there, but will try to keep them as minimal as possible. I’ll probably go back and rewrite a few of my really summary-heavy reviews. Thank you for letting me know! >w<

– Yume