[REVIEW] In Your Arms Tonight: Genji Higashiyama Another Story

IYAT Genji Higashiyama another story

What if you weren’t divorced when you met him? After meeting Genji at the class reunion, the MC gets a call from him telling her to come to another class meet-up the next day. At the meet-up, Genji tells her that she should choose him over her husband and that he can take care of her now; the MC gets angry and tells him not to talk to her in such a patronizing tone.

Things turn serious when the MC and her friends can’t contact Yukako, who’s been out of touch since the class reunion. They find out that she went to a hot springs resort with Hasegawa, who’s already married. The MC gets a phone call from Yukako telling her that she’s going to a hot springs resort, and not to worry about her. Hearing the location over the phone, she leaves to go after her, only to meet up with Genji and have him tag along.

While looking for the two, the roads are blocked and all trains are stopped due to heavy rainfall, so Genji and the MC stay the night at one of the hot spring inns. Genji asks if everything is all right between the MC and Koichi; she ends up telling him about Koichi’s affair, and starts crying. Genji comforts her, and she realizes that she’s tempted to do the same as Koichi and rely on another person. She pushes Genji away, and the two spend the night separately and part the next morning. The MC decides to just do her best at trying to convey her feelings to Koichi, but it doesn’t work; he remains just as stoic and uncaring as before.

After resolving everything with Yukako and Hasegawa’s affair, the MC and Genji send Yukako back home after a feel better party for her. After doing so, they happen to see Koichi and the women he’s having an affair with. Genji kisses the MC and tells her that he can’t hold back anymore; he can’t bear to see her so unhappy. The MC breaks down and tells Genji that she has the same feelings. They start to see each other, and the MC finally decides to ask Koichi for a divorce. He refuses, and soon after the tabloids print a story about Genji and the MC’s affair. They run off for a while, but realize that they can’t truly be happy like this, and return back home and make things right before being happy together.

Can I just pretend this route doesn’t exist? Please. If you liked Genji, there’s a slight chance that you’ll enjoy this route, but it just pales in comparison to his main story. I usually prefer the main stories to another stories in IYAT and KOR, but Genji’s another story was just so poorly written. Genji is a bit out of character towards the end of the route, and both the MC and Genji seem so wishy-washy to me throughout the entire story. There was none of the determination and support that they had in the main route.

If you were thinking about playing both Genji’s main story and another story, I would definitely recommend playing his another story first. That might be why I cringed throughout the entire route; I couldn’t help but compare it to his main route. I only recommend this route if you really love Genji and want more stories for him (due to extreme lack of IYAT sub stories *sobs*), but even then I would recommend the other sub stories over this route. Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] In Your Arms Tonight: Genji Higashiyama Another Story

    • I do plan on doing so, but it probably won’t be in the near future as I’ve already played all these stories and I want to replay them before writing reviews. However, my backlog of new stories is insane right now so these aren’t high on my priority list right now (especially since uni will be starting again soon so that means even less time to play otome games ; A ; )

      If you have any questions you’d like me to answer about the game, you can always ask me on my tumblr, twitter, or even here ^^


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