[REVIEW] In Your Arms Tonight: Genji Higashiyama Main Story

IYAT Genji Higashiyama main story

Genji is the goalie of the Japanese national soccer team. He and the MC were high school sweethearts, but fell apart after he went to play soccer in Italy. After the MC gets divorced from Koichi, she and her friends have a girls’ night out at the bar. It comes to everyone but Yukako’s surprise when Genji shows up, but the MC leaves early to avoid him.

The MC feels inferior to Genji; after their breakup, he went and became a successful soccer player, while she’s a divorcee whose marriage only lasted three months. She feels as if he’s out of her reach, and doesn’t want to deal with him around her. Things change when Genji hires her to be the interior designer for his new apartment. She starts to bump into him more due to work and at the bar where she frequents, and only gets even more convinced that their worlds are too far apart as she ends up spending more time with him.

The MC’s situation at home with her parents isn’t good. Her father finds faults in everything she does due to her divorce, and her mother can only watch from the side and tries to patch things up together between the two. She moves out of her parents’ house and starts living with Akiko until she can find a place of her own. Things turn for the worse for Genji when he gets fractures on his hand from a soccer match and gets replaced as the main goalie for the Japanese World Cup team. The MC goes to encourage him, just like he encouraged her after he heard that she was divorced. He asks the MC to live with him, and they start to live together as comrades trying to help the other out of their slump.

I liked Genji’s route a lot more this time compared to the first time I played it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t play it right after Kippei and Koichi’s routes (my top biases for IYAT). Genji’s overconfident attitude was off-putting to me at first, but as you go through the route you start to learn why he changed so much from the shy guy the MC knew from high school. He honestly wants to help the MC out, but it’s understandable that the MC might just see it as pity; I think that he could have gone about doing it another way, but based on the presents that he gave the MC in high school, Genji always means well, but is bad at guessing at what the person on the receiving end really wants, and that part of him hasn’t changed from back then.

I love how when Genji falls from popularity after his injury, the MC goes to help him stand back up. I’m a sucker for couples-supporting-each-other-and-falling-in-love routes, and this one wasn’t an exception. I found it a bit frustrating that it took them so long to realize their feelings for each other; Genji pushed the MC away because he thought that she deserved better, just like how the MC rejected Genji in the beginning for the same reasons. They start to get a better understanding of each other and the fact that even that they’re not their high school selves anymore, their feelings are the same. I think Genji reminded me a lot of Taketo in CTC, mostly because of their personalities and soccer. I recommend his route if you enjoy confident, alpha-male characters. Happy playing!

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