[WALKTHROUGH] In Your Arms Tonight: Genji Higashiyama Main Story

IYAT Genji Higashiyama main story

Chapter 1

  • Movie

Chapter 2

  • I’d love to handle it
  • Ask him to please leave you alone

Chapter 3

  • I’ll be fine with a salad
  • Sounds like fun

Chapter 4

  • Having a mixer, Genji?
  • I don’t have time for this right now

Chapter 5

  • …Okay
  • I got lucky

Chapter 6

  • The off-white long dress

Chapter 7

  • I’ll try going
  • Just leave me alone please

Chapter 8

  • That’s way in the past
  • Why would you do that?

Chapter 9

  • Shrimp
  • Let me think about it a little

Chapter 10

  • … I decided to room with a friend
  • What day?

Chapter 11

  • What do you mean, why not?
  • Why should I chase after him?

Chapter 12

  • I can’t crash here forever
  • I like him

IYAT ending

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