[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga season 1 Main Story

EITM Kyoga main story

After choosing to make an agreement with Kyoga, the MC starts living with him and all the other ayakashi at her house. Kyoga insists on staying in her room to protect her from other ayakashi in her sleep, but Kyoga is the one who worries the MC the most. He doesn’t honestly voice his thoughts, and add in the fact that he alternates from flirtatious to sweet, the MC is confused as to what his feelings for her are.

After saving her from being pushed in front of an incoming car, the MC tells Kyoga that she thinks someone is trying to kill her. Based on her description, Kyoga says that it sounds like someone from the tora clan; their clans are currently in a turf war, and they probably targeted the MC to prevent the ookami clan from getting stronger.

Kyoga gets called to the mononoke village, and takes the MC along with him. She starts to fell insecure about whether his feelings for her are genuine or forced just because he’s the clan head. While leaving the village, the MC gets proposed to by Aoi, another ookami who lost the position of clan head to Kyoga. Aoi starts working at a part timer as the MC’s library, He tells her that Kyoga always hides his feelings, and this causes the MC to worry, but after talking to Yukinojo about his past, she understands why he does so, and wonders if he’s okay suppressing his feelings like that.

Aoi asks the MC on a date, but notices that she’s thinking about Kyoga instead of enjoying her time with him. He leaves for the mononoke village to try and defeat the tora clan by himself, and but the MC goes to stop him and gets cornered by the tora clan. Aoi and Kyoga come to save her, but due to the conflict, the negotiations Kyoga was having with the tora clan quickly go sour. They demand that they give the MC over to their clan; Kyoga refuses, and after fighting the head of the tora clan, defeats them and restores the relationship between the two clans with a peaceful resolution.

I’ve been waiting for Kyoga’s route for a while, and he didn’t disappoint. I love his character, and I love how compared to Miyabi and Chikage, he genuinely cares for the MC from the start (Shinra doesn’t count for various reasons). He sees her as a person instead of just a thing to give him power, and doesn’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to until she feels ready *glares at Miyabi*

While I did like Kyoga’s character, the MC was a bit iffy for me. The way she just suddenly decided that she liked Kyoga made it seem too forced, and I wish she could have been a bit more resolute in making her own decisions instead of just being strung along by Aoi. Like in all the other EITM routes, there’s a love triangle, and I liked how Aoi’s feelings for the MC were actually genuine this time compared to the other ones.

If you were iffy about giving EITM after Miyabi’s route, I definitely recommend that you give Kyoga’s route a try. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what he’s thinking, but inside he’s such a caring person and I can guarantee that you’ll love him. Happy playing!

7 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga season 1 Main Story

  1. Man, I was so bummed with this one. EitM was my first voltage game and since release, I have wanted to play Kyogas route! I still adore Kyoga. He is so consistent! The Kyoga that appears in everyone else’s route is the one we get and I love that. It seems rare in the otome games I’ve tried. I was expecting to be disappointed with him. I think what hurt this route for me was the mc actually. I yelled at her so many times! Also, I do like Miyabi(I realize I may be in the minority here), but does he have to grab the MCs ass every route?!! I really want Aoi to be in another story as I liked him too. He was so purty!


  2. Question: Why doesn’t Shinra count? O.o He seemed to really care about the mc and he was a real sweetheart in his route. Especially when you read the story from his point of view. He’s one of the most loving guys in the game besides Kyo.


    • I didn’t mean it in a negative way at all! Shinra is one of my favorites in the game. He doesn’t count because he was in love with the MC from the start due to their childhood, compared to the rest of the ayakashi who just met the MC in the start of the game >___<;;


  3. Aw I love Kyo ! What a babe, he was so cute in the other routes I actually wanted Mc to choose him in them >.< I normally don't like those stupid beards voltage draws but I can put this one behind because kyoga is so cute 😍 anyway thanks for the review 😉

    I'm about to choose another one after reading some reviews, thx!


  4. This was actually my first route, and honestly, I thought it was awesome! I get all the Kyoga stories now, but I’m curious to see what the other guy’s ones are. Which do you recommend?


    • Sorry for taking so long to reply! I like Samon as a character, but his writing isn’t spectacular. It’s so hard not to love him though! He’s such a sweetheart >w<


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