[REVIEW] First Love Diaries: Sota Yamamoto season 1 Main Story

FLD Sota Yamamoto S1 main story FLD Sota Yamamoto S1 main story

After being saved by Sota on the train, Maki and the MC are surprised to see him get off at their train stop the next day. He approaches them, and confesses to the MC and asks her to go out with him. All of the MC’s friends seem against her answering him, but the MC doubts that he’s as scary as everyone believes he is. She pays more attention to him on the train, and starts to get taken in by his kind actions.

She replies to his confession and tells him that she wants to start as friends first, then see where their relationship goes. He picks her up from school so they can go home together, and while it’s awkward at first, they slowly ease up and start to get to know each other better. He asks her out on a date during the weekend, and after their date they agree to take things slowly at their pace, but the MC starts to feel a bit lonely since she can’t see Sota that often since they go to different schools. Saori tells the MC that she can’t expect him to make all the effort; she says that it’s okay for the MC to tell him that she wants to spend more time together.

She ends up going to one of Sota’s motocross practices, and meets his friend Yas. She bumps into Yas again later on, and he suggests that they go to Sota’s school to give him a surprise visit. Afterwards, Sota confesses that he was jealous of how familiar Yasushi was being with the MC, and when she tries to apologize, tells her that she doesn’t have to walk on eggshells around him. He invites the MC to his house to show her some videos of motocross races he’s been in. The MC is surprised to find out that he lives alone. Sota picks up that she’s nervous and starts to tickle her to ease the tension, but takes her home before he goes too far and can’t control himself.

Sota breaks his leg at a motocross race. There’s a high chance that he can’t compete in motocross anymore, and Sota starts acting distant and depressed. The MC wants to support him, but he keeps pushing her away. He tells her he wants to break up, but after a scene with Yas taking the MC out on a “date” to the beach, asks the MC out again. They work on his rehabilitation together, and Sota makes it in time to beat his rival at the next competition.

Sota’s route was the one that I was looking forward to the most in FLD, and I wasn’t disappointed. While I do think that Nao’s route was written better, I liked Sota’s character a lot more (the quiet ones always get me =___=;;) Sota is very introverted and shy, so he has a hard time expressing what he really wants to say. Even when he gets injured, instead of relying on others he pushes everyone away. I like how opens up to the MC, and starts to rely on her more towards the end of the route.

I love how in the beginning of their relationship, although they were awkward, they would both end up laughing over how tense they both were and relax around each other. You could definitely feel the awkwardness, but you could also feel how both Sota and the MC genuinely want to learn more about the other and gradually fall more in love. I especially liked how Sota respected the MC and didn’t do anything that she didn’t feel ready for; he can tell when she feels uncomfortable, and doesn’t even have to ask or be asked to stop.

One thing I didn’t like with this route was the love triangle with Yas. It felt like there was no real point to it, other than Sota being adorable when he’s jealous. Other than that, I really enjoyed this route, and I definitely recommend it, especially if you liked the other FLD routes. Happy playing!

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