[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Maximillion Levaincois season 1 Main Story

BMP2 Maximillion Levaincois S1main story

After delivering the flour to Nobel Michel, the MC returns to her house and bumps into a strange man while taking out the trash. She gives him some food, and the next day he introduces himself as Max. The MC starts to get suspicious of his identity when she helps him find camera data cards of the six princes under a different name. They part ways, only for him to show up two weeks later asking for a date to pay her back for her kindness.

The MC finds out that Max is the prince of Charles kingdom. Because their date got interrupted, Max invites the MC to the Charles kingdom to make up for it. The MC notices and is disappointed that the Charles kingdom has lost its focus on the arts; ever since Matilda, Max’s sister, took the throne, more effort was put into economics and industry.

While going out to explore the Charles kingdom, a sudden downpour makes them take shelter in an unused theater. After spending the night there, the run into the theater’s manager, Moreau. Their conversation brings up Yulia, Moreau’s daughter who Max dated in his university days; Max lost the will to make films after she died in an accident more than a decade ago. Max starts acting depressed once he finds out that the theater’s demolition is scheduled to be in six months, and the MC doesn’t know what do to about it. Gaston suggests that the MC show Max her determination to follow her dreams by participating in the Nobel Expo, and even though she didn’t win first place, Max gets the determination to bring back the Charles film festival, even if it means going against Matilda’s policies.

The first thing that I have to say is that Gaston was completely different that what I thought he’d be XD Okay, now moving on lol

I ended up liking this route a lot more than I thought I would. The older characters are usually a hit or miss with me, and Max was definitely a hit. There’s so much to this route than just falling in love with someone who turned out to be a prince; there’s growth, healing, and support, and all of them play a major part in the route. The MC and Max both put in the effort for their blooming relationship and dreams, which is something I always love in a route. Max reminded of Edward once in a while with his smooth lines; he’s definitely Edward’s son >////<

It interested me how often Yulia was brought up in the route. While dead girlfriends aren’t something that’s new to Voltage games, Max’s relationship with Yulia actually plays a big part in the route, and is something that the affected Max in more than just his love life, but his art as well. There are some parallels between the MC and Yulia in the beginnings of their relationships with Max, but he makes it clear that the MC isn’t a replacement for her, something I really liked.

It was sad seeing how much the Charles kingdom had changed since Edward’s reign, but watching Max and the MC work together to bring back the age of art and romance was just so fulfilling. Max himself is a complex character, and his relationship with his Matilda added a lot to the story and his character growth. I couldn’t help but compare it to Aslan and Heydar’s relationship and become even more disappointed in Aslan’s routes. I definitely recommend this route. It took me by surprise by how complex it was, and I definitely cannot wait to see more of Max in the future. Happy playing!

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