[REVIEW] Be My Princess 2: Maximillion Levaincois season 1 Sequel

BMP2 Maximillion Levaincois S1sequel

The MC and Max are in a long distance relationship while pursing their dreams. While having a drink with May and Gaston, Max appears for an interview for the upcoming Mode Night Out. During the interview, Max is asked about marriage with the MC, which he says that he’s definitely considering. But when he comes to visit the MC later that night, his thoughts on the subject seem different that what he said on television; he views marriage as something that’ll just eventually happen.

Max asks the MC to attend the Mode Night Out and walk down the catwalk with him as a model. While going out in town with Gaston, the MC catches the eye of the citizens of Charles and soon gets asked for autographs and when the wedding will be. The MC realizes that while she and Max may be happy with their current relationship, the citizens of Charles are expecting a wedding soon.

While walking down the catwalk for the Mode Night Out, the MC catches one of her heels on something and loses the shoe. Max just carries her in his arms, and at the end slips the shoe back on while declaring her as his Cinderella. He takes her to a place with a romantic view afterwards, but his proposal plan is ruined when another couple next to them beats them to it and it ends in failure. Gaston is put with Max’s wishy-washy attitude and pulls the MC away from his side for a while to push Max into action.

After a while, Max asks the MC to meet up with him and shows her rose candies that he’s developed that can change the scent of someone’s sweat just by being eaten; he made it to save the dying rose industry in Charles kingdom. While he’s about to propose to her again, the lab they’re in catches on fire from a gas mishap, and while helping the MC escape, he proposes to her again, and she accepts. They escape safely, and Max’s candies are a success at the Nobel Expo.

Is it weird for me to say that Max is cute? He’s so self-conscious about his age and how he acts and smells it’s adorable >w< There were so many things I loved about this route, and Max’s deep consideration for the MC joining the royal family was one of them. While he wants to marry her, he doesn’t want to chain her down to the royal family and its obligations. He knows that she’s struggling with the idea of it as well, and both of them are lost as to what they want for themselves in their relationship.

I also loved how Matilda encouraged the MC to continue her job as a pastry chef for as long as she could, even after if she gets married to Max. I love how Voltage gave the throne to Matilda and how she encourages women to join and stay in the workforce, compared to the other princes routes where the MC is pressured to give up on her career just so she can become a princess. But then again, Max isn’t first in line for the throne, so that may have played a part in it.

I enjoyed playing this route a lot. I definitely recommend it to those who played Max’s main route, and if you haven’t given him a try you should! Happy playing!

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