[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Shusei Hayakawa season 1 Main Story

OTBS Shusei Hayakawa S1 main story OTBS Shusei Hayakawa S1 main story

After moving into the same house and being transferred to the Seasonelle team, the MC and Shusei start spending more time together at work and home. Because of Shusei’s mannerisms, his reputation at the office is that of a perfect gentleman; however, while living together, the MC starts to get to know the real Shusei at home.

It turns out that Shusei is actually a hardcore gamer, but doesn’t go around announcing it because he thinks it doesn’t fit the image he has at the office. At the office, the MC is surprised by how much the Minato and Shusei get along, and finds out that they’ve been friends since they were kids for fifteen years. However, once in a while the MC senses something off in their relationship.

After being teamed up with Shusei for a new article, they decide to put a feature on overprotective “helicopter parents.” When she’s working on the draft at night, Minato joins her and Shusei and things seem tense between them. After a while, Shusei starts getting even busier, so Minato offers to let the MC shadow him at work. They start to spend more time together, and while on the rooftop one day, the MC overhears a conversation between Minato and Shusei and is shocked to hear that Minato may like her. Things turn for the worse when Shusei suggests to the MC the next day that she should consider going out with Minato; she gets hurt by the fact that Shusei doesn’t return her feelings.

After publishing their article, the team goes out to get drinks. Minato pulls the MC outside and asks her to go out with him, but before she can reply, she gets a call from the office. Their article caused a backlash of negative reactions from the helicopter parents, and Shusei takes the blame and gets suspended for the time being. After secretly trying to wash off graffiti from their house, Shusei finds the MC and helps her. The MC tells him that she doesn’t like how he keeps saying that she got “caught up” in the fiasco when she also wrote the article. Shusei hugs her, and they end up kissing.

After being hugged by Minato while asking him for help in the situation, Shusei takes the MC up to the rooftop and tells her that he loves her. Things get even better when they find out that their article won the Japan Journalism Award; Minato had submitted it, and because they won, their current situation with the helicopter parents is resolved.

Shusei is so precious it’s ridiculous. I can also relate to him in the whole “gaming doesn’t match my reputation.” Only my close friends know that I play otome games *sweats nervously* He’s a gentleman and a sweetheart, and I found it hard not to fall in love with him early on in the route. His tendency to take all the blame sprouts from his relationship with Minato; even though they’ve been friends for fifteen years, there was still a sense of uneasiness between them, and I liked seeing them overcome that hurdle and gain a better understanding of one another.

The romance in this route starts a bit early, but in small amounts. The MC realizes her feelings for Shusei early in the route, and it was cute watching her overreact and analyze every one of Shusei’s actions and words >w< I loved this route, and I’m glad that I decided to replay it before Shusei’s second season gets release. I highly recommend that you give Shusei a try, especially if you like nice guys (no, they don’t always finish last). Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Shusei Hayakawa season 1 Main Story

  1. I played Akiyoshi’s route first and felt like I was cheating on him at first because I loved him, but now….. I think I love Shu more and wish they would get wedding route out.


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