[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Katsuyuki Kyobashi Main Story

MPDCTY Katsuyuki Kyobashi main story

It’s been a month since the MC has joined the 2nd unit, and she ends up getting paired with Kyobashi to bust a high-end college prostitution ring. Kyobashi is always level-heaaded and collected, and not lacking in popularity with women; he has a girlfriend for every day of the week. The MC is unsure of what to make of him, and he switches from flirtatious and casual to cool and collected so quickly that it throws her off.

Voltage must have saved the best for last in this game because with every new character they release he ends up being my favorite in the game *sweats nervously* I’m sorry Eiki I tried OTL

I didn’t know what to expect from Kyobashi when I first started his route. He acts flirtatious and secretive in all the other routes, and I thought that he would have a reason for being a playboy, but he really doesn’t. No skeletons in his closet. It’s interesting because a majority of the characters in this trope usually have family or ex problems that caused them to act this way, but Kyobashi is different. He just wants what he wants, and he’ll do what’s necessary to get it.

Not to say that he’s not a complex character. Rather than his past, his personality was what interested me and got me. There was a few times I didn’t agree with his views, such as if there’s no explicit “no” then it’s a “yes.” It’s an interesting pair between him and the MC because they’re so different, but you can see how they change throughout the route, especially Kyobashi. They mentioned that his father was a higher up in the ranks of Metro PD, but didn’t elaborate on it. I’m hoping they go more into in a later route because I’m curious as to what Kyobashi’s relationship with his parents is, since he seems like such a loner.

The romance in this route wasn’t anything wild or sexy, which is what you would have come to expect from Kyobashi’s personality. It’s very gradual, with the MC and Kyobashi both taking small steps towards understanding each other, both consciously and unconsciously. The MC struggles with her feelings towards him when she does realize them because she knows about Kyobashi’s various relationships, but his confession to her towards the end absolutely melted my heart ; w ;

There was a lot that happened in the route, but all of the plot elements contribute to it. I think this route was extremely well written because everything tied up together perfectly towards the end, and all the plot devices had significance and added to the story, whether it was for the case or the MC and Kyobashi’s development. I didn’t expect to like Kyobashi this much, but he ended up sneaking his way into my heart. I was pleasantly surprised by this route, and definitely recommend it. Happy playing!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Metro PD: Close to You: Katsuyuki Kyobashi Main Story

  1. Great review! I’ve been skimming through reviews to see whether new voltage releases are a good buy. Can you do a review on Yoh from Finally in love again if you have time 🙂 ? Really appreciate your reviews!


    • Hi! I was actually finishing up typing his review when I read this XD Please give it a read when you have time! And thank you for reading my reviews! It’s nice to know that people do read them (/w\)


  2. So when is Kyobashi’s New York story going to come out, same with Himoro’s New York story too I’ve been waiting for a year for it to come out. I want to know when they come out I’m dying to read their New York stories. On the metro pd app everybody else has their New York stories, so when are Kyobashi’s and Himoro’s stories for New York going to come out. I’m just asking when the release date is.


    • Unfortunately I don’t know either 😦

      Voltage isn’t the best at bringing over all the Japanese releases to the English versions of their games so I’m afraid we might not get them… However, SND recently got the stories that were in limbo for a couple years so hopefully we might get to see them soon!


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