[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Shusei Hayakawa season 2 The Proposal

OTBS Shusei Hayakawa S2 the proposal

After Shusei falls through the roof while trying to fix a leak, he and the MC find out that their house has to go through extensive repairs and find themselves at a renovated apartment that used to be a love hotel. While unpacking their things, the MC finds a children’s book, and it turns out that Shusei is its author.

He originally wrote it because he wanted to use it as an ice breaker for his students, but ended up working with sixth graders so he never go the chance. He throws the book away saying he doesn’t need it, but the MC hides it among her things when he isn’t looking. Later they get put in charge of interviewing Aoi Hoshi, a children’s author who recently won the International Children’s Literature Award. They end up getting her to write a serialization for Seasonelle, but with Shusei being so busy the MC gets paired to work on it with Tsumugu, the newest member of the Seasonelle team. The MC finds herself one step behind him every time, and confronts him about it, telling him that they have to work together as a team. He disagrees, and she starts to push herself to work harder.

The MC starts to get easily fatigued, and while eating with Aoi she gets sick from the smell of cinnamon. She buys a pregnancy test, and it turns up positive. She wants to tell Shusei, but every time she sees him she panics and avoids him. Shusei notices and asks her if there’s anything wrong; she tells him that she’s pregnant, and he gets excited about the idea of being a father to their baby. He starts acting overprotective of the MC, both at work and at home.

The MC comes back to the office one day to see Akiyoshi yelling at Shusei for suddenly asking for a transfer. She confronts him about it, and argues that she doesn’t want him to throw away everything he’s worked for at Seasonelle just for her, but he says that he isn’t giving anything up; he wants to pursue his dream of being a children’s author. They go to the clinic only to find out that the MC isn’t pregnant after all; it was just stress from work. While both of them are disappointed, they both realize that thinking about having a family has made them both think seriously about their future. He proposes to her, and she accepts.

Excuse me while I drown in my self created lake of feels *flails*

Wow. This route just blew me away. I already liked Shusei before, but this route made him my bias for this game (sorry Kaoru. I tried). One thing I absolutely love about Shusei is how he’s so openly supportive of the MC. They have such a supportive relationship based on mutual trust, and both of them can tell when something’s off with the other. The only problem in this is that both of them are so stuck on being supportive that they put themselves in the back seat, but in this route they learn to balance supporting one another while chasing their own dreams.

I loved how Shusei handled the news of the MC being pregnant, but how he also handled the news that she wasn’t was important as well. I think Voltage did a good job giving this situation to Shusei because out of all the characters in the game, I think the MC’s relationship with him is the most balanced out of all the characters in OTBS and had the most potential to grow from it. They also go more into Shusei’s dream of wanting to work with kids, and I’m glad they did; they barely touched it in the first season, and I wanted to know more. I guess they heard my prayers XD

I highly recommend this route, and if you haven’t given Shusei a chance then you definitely should. He’s a perfect gentleman with a big heart, and he’ll sweep you off your feet. Happy playing! *continues to drown in feels*

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Our Two Bedroom Story: Shusei Hayakawa season 2 The Proposal

  1. I felt the same! Shuse’s route was the first route I completed. I have never been disappointed. I loved how the confrontations if there are any, fits to his polite, nice persona. But that he also hates it somehow.

    Wait I think it wasn’t in this route – that particular scene that I was thinking of –

    This was so cute though — them being totally serious and him loving kids. I really enjoyed it.


    • I love how he loves kids! I think he’d be a great father and the way that he dealt with the MC’s “pregnancy” was just so heartwarming ; w ;


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