[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Eisuke Ichinomiya season 1 Main Story

KBTBB Eisuke Ichinomiya S1 main story

After being saved from the auction, the MC chooses to be bought by Eisuke, the owner of Tres Spades. Eisuke is cold and calculating at first glance, and the MC is unsure of what to make of him. She starts living in the hotel penthouse and continues her jobs as a hotel maid until he thinks up of a good use for her, and everyone is shocked when he says that he’s decided to make her his girlfriend.

He starts taking the MC to the I.V.C. parties as his date, and introduces her to Mr. Bucci, an Italian mob boss. Bucci’s daughter Carolina is in love with Eisuke, and he wants to avoid making relations with her father awkward by turning her down. He tells the MC he’ll set her free if the pending deal with Bucci goes through, and the two show Carolina around Japan with Soryu. Carolina gets jealous of the MC, and kidnaps her to teach her a lesson. Eisuke and Soryu save her, and after getting lectured by Soryu, Carolina falls for him instead, making Eisuke’s plan a success.

Eisuke decides to hold an auction to sell another woman at the auction. The MC tells him that it’s wrong, but the auction still goes through. She later sees the same woman smiling happily with the man who bought her. She finds out from Baba and Ota that she had actually been in an abusive relationship with another man and had requested to be sold so the man who genuinely loved her could buy her and set her free. The MC realizes that she had misunderstood Eisuke, and that he isn’t as cold hearted as she thought he was. After sealing the deal with Bucci, Eisuke explains to her that he’s actually adopted into the Ichinomiya family and that he holds the auctions so that he can find out who made his biological father bankrupt and also the whereabouts of his sister, who he was separated from since their adoption into separate families.

The next day, Eisuke tells the MC that he’s done with her. After bumping into Soryu and talking to him, the MC realizes that she had lost sight of the real Eisuke, and also realizes her feelings for him. She heads back to the hotel, only to be approached by someone named Nikaido who claims to have seen Eisuke’s sister. She follows him, and gets tied up; he reveals that he used her to get Eisuke to back out of the deal he made with Bucci. Eisuke shows up, and with the help of Baba and Ota, frees the MC and has Mamoru arrest Nikaido for all the illegal dealings he’s had. Afterwards, the MC arranges to meet up with Takahiro to turn down his feelings, but Eisuke shows up and tells her to stay with him instead. She tells Takahiro how she feels, and returns to Tres Spades with Eisuke.

I had mixed feelings about Eisuke, but replaying this route made me like Eisuke a lot more. The first time I played the route, I didn’t know what to make of him; it was only two months after I had started playing otome games, and he was the first character I played in the “oresama” trope Voltage likes to use so much. After playing it through this time, I had a better appreciate for his character.

It’s not that he’s a bad person. He’s just extremely complex and hard to understand, even to the people who are close to him. Being the owner of such a large, it’s understandable that he has to be sly and have a tough exterior, especially more so since he’s running the underground auctions as well. I found his reasons for the running the auctions interesting, and remember the sequel going more in depth with it. His constant push and pull through his actions can be off-putting to some, but once you start to understand his character more you understand why he acts the way he does.

The game’s concept was a hot topic of debate when it was first released in English, but I’d like to point out that they mention that no one is sold in the auction unless they want to be. The MC was sold illegally, and they bought her so some weirdo wouldn’t buy her for prostitution or any weird reasons that I don’t know of. If there’s anything that I didn’t like about the game, it was that the MC felt that she was getting used to following Eisuke’s orders. If you’re still uncomfortable with the game concept, then I don’t recommend that you give the game a try. Otherwise, I enjoyed Eisuke’s story, and think you should give it a try if you like the ”oresama” types. Happy playing!



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