[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Eisuke Ichinomiya season 1 Sequel

KBTBB Eisuke Ichinomiya S1 sequel

It’s been a month since Eisuke and the MC have started dating, and while she can’t help but wish that he would stop holding auctions, she knows that he wants to finds to find his sister and the person who caused his family’s ruin. At the auction, they notice a man without a mask. They bring him up to the penthouse, and he says that he’s looking for his fiancée’s older brother so he can invite him to their wedding.

After hearing the information about him, the MC thinks that it sounds suspiciously like Eisuke’s background. A few days later, the MC returns a pearl earring to a woman named Yukari, and finds out that Yukari is the fiancée of Daichi Matsuura, the man without a mask. Eisuke is sure that Yukari is his sister, but refuses to meet her. The MC is surprised, knowing how much he wanted to find her, but decides not to ask Eisuke because she trusts that he has a good reason for it.

While on a date, they bump into Yukari and Daichi. Daichi sees this as a chance and introduces Eisuke to Yukari. Daichi’s father comes to join them, and the MC finally understands why he didn’t want to meet her; Daichi’s father is Tadashi Matsuura, a politician who opposed the construction of Tres Spades. Eisuke treats Yukari coldly, saying that even if they were related, it just means that they’re born from the same woman. Yukari and Daichi check out of Tres Spades but the MC catches them before they leave. Yukari gives the MC an invitation to their weeding, and they both ask the MC to convince Eisuke to come to their wedding. Eisuke refuses to listen, saying that people who leave him just weren’t meant to be with him, and the MC leaves, thinking that their worlds are too different and that she’s replaceable to him like everyone else.

The MC goes to the wedding by herself. Thugs ransack the wedding; thgey demand that Daichi’s father stop trying to regulate the casino business. Eisuke saves the MC from getting stabbed by one, and reveals that a Diet member who wanted to take all casino profits for himself plotted the whole situation. With their wedding ruined, they’re offered a redo at Tres Spades, and this time Eisuke attends as well. The MC catches the bouquet at the toss, and when asked by Yukari if they’ll meet again, Eisuke smiles, saying that it might be at his wedding.

My love for Eisuke grew so much more in this route. You get to see a lot more his hidden caring side, and while I don’t think that their relationship grew a lot in this route, I still enjoyed it. I understood Eisuke a lot more in this route, and I’m glad that they addressed his finding his sister, though I still wonder about the man who made his father go bankrupt.

The small gestures he makes throughout the route show the change in his relationship with the MC, but honestly I think all they really did was make him a little more open about his affections for her. The feelings they have for each other don’t grow, but their understanding grows as much as it can with Eisuke’s pride getting in the way. If you liked Eisuke in his main story, then you’ll definitely love him more in this route. Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Eisuke Ichinomiya season 1 Sequel

  1. Didn’t really like Eisuke’s main route but after reading this review i feel like giving him another chance. I mean, i like the cold type and all but he be too much about it and i didn’t like how he always went on about ‘my possesion’ this and that but after reading this i’m having second thoughts. Thanks for the great review ^^


    • Thank you for reading it! Eisuke definitely softens up a lot after his main story, especially in his season 2 stories. I hope you enjoy them if you choose to get them! ^w^


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