[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Yoh Kobayakawa season 1 Main Story

FILA Yoh Kobayakawa main story

After choosing to go with Yoh at the singles party, the MC brings him to her house after he collapses from a fever. He tells her not to contact his family or the hospital, so she lets him stay the night at her house. After saving her from a burglar, she agrees to let him stay at her place until the culprit is caught. She starts working at Patiserrie Larme, and Yoh finds a job at Mon Cheri Flowers next door. They start to get closer as they spend more time together at work and home.

HOLY CRAP. There was so much that went on in this route and so much that I loved about it. FILA is definitely becoming one of my favorite Voltage games, and Yoh might be my favorite in the game so far (sorry Aki and Momo).

One thing I liked about the route was Yoh himself. He’s one of the younger guys in the Voltage fandom, and the problem with the characters in that type is that they tend to get too clingy. While Yoh was clingy, it wasn’t to the point that it annoyed me. It’s part of his personality, but it seemed to me it’s kind of how he deals with people. He’s a people-pleaser after being raised in such a strict household, and I loved watching him grow throughout the route and learn to face his problems instead of just running away from them.

One of the things I love about FILA is the MC. It may be because she’s older, but she’s not as caught up in appearances and knows what she wants. She faces her problems head on, and reminds me a lot of the IYAT MC, another one of my favorites >w< But like everyone else, she has her moments where she needs someone to give her a push. While she encouraged Yoh to face his problems, I liked how their roles reversed when she was discouraged from work and Yoh asked if she was the one running away from them. Support in relationships is something I always look for in routes, and this route definitely delivered. You can tell that they start to fall for each other throughout the route, but they don’t get together until the end, but I actually liked that. I think that their relationship had more room to develop in other ways beyond just their romance because of this.

The MC is especially worried about the age gap in this route since it’s so large (12 years), but Yoh doesn’t care (of course he wouldn’t. The point of the game is to fall in love XD). Love isn’t always the most important thing in our lives, and I feel that the MC and Yoh both dealt with their prospective problems and worries in a mature way before choosing to be in a “official” relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend.

While I went into the route feeling iffy about Yoh, I finished it fangirling throughout the entire happy ending. I definitely recommend that you give this route a try, even if you have reservations about Yoh’s character. Happy playing!

12 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Finally, in Love Again: Yoh Kobayakawa season 1 Main Story

  1. Oh, I may have to try this after your review. I’ve never picked the cute, young characters, but maybe I’ll make an exception. I have to skim the review to avoid spoilers, but what I read sounds awesome!


    • I usually have mixed feelings about this character type, but Yoh’s route is well written and I think that may have contributed to me liking him so much. The relationship that grows between Yoh and the MC is something I liked as well, and I hope that you enjoy the route if you decide to give him a try! >w<

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  2. I’m probably going to end up buying all of these routes eventually as I love this game. Good on Voltage for this one! I always feel weird at first replaying the game for another guys route. I get over it quick though. It was hard going for Saeki when Ren asked me to pick him (MFW). Also ignoring Kyoga in Chikages route(EitM).


    • Voltage seems to be playing up the love triangles in their more recent routes, and it’s hard for me too ; A ; Kyoga was just heartbreaking in his route and it made me sad because Miyabi’s epilogue had me excited for Chikage and the whole situation was just a mess for me XD

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      • Oh I had some rage in me when I played Chikages route! Based off his character in Miyabis route, I was expecting something else. This taught me that the guys are often not the same in their own routes. I could do without the love triangles personally. Sometimes they’re handled well, sometimes, not so much.


  3. I think FILA have great storylines, I enjoyed Aki’s route too, I think it’s because the heroine feels very independent and realistic, I find myself relating to her better. I played Momo’s route but felt it falls short on my expectation, maybe I was expecting too much but I think Aki’s route is better than Momo’s route. I’m gonna check out Yoh’s route after this 🙂


    • I love the writing for FILA too. Momo’s main story fell short for me, but I liked his sequel a lot more. I think Yoh is actually my favorite of the FILA group so far. We’ll see how long that lasts until Sosuke’s route >w<


      • Finally had the time to play his main story and I thoroughly enjoyed his route, he’s so cute but can be very mature at key times and it doesn’t make the MC look like a cougar, HAHAHA.

        I’m usually iffy about younger guys but he reminds me of the guy from manga, Kimi Wa Pet, cute, childish at times but is more mature than the MC at key moments. I really love how they support each other during sad times and how much they enjoy each other companion even though there’s nothing romantic in their everyday interaction, they’re like old married couples at times but sometimes, Yoh is like a pet dog, hahaha!

        I think his attitude about the MC have been pretty consistent and it’s obvious that he loves the MC pretty early on (unlike Momoi and Aki who are frustrating with their attitude towards the MC at times). I thought Aki’s route was pretty good but Yoh’s route is even better, I seriously think he might be my favorite route from all Voltage games, his storyline is strong from the beginning to the end and I love the growth in his character, as well as the MC as the story progresses.


  4. Played all the season 1 stories for FILA; I really adore this game! Thank you for your reviews!!

    Yoh turned out to be one of my favorite characters, though all the charas were lovely. Even though I really liked Yoh’s route, I can’t seem to understand how and why Yoh fell in love with MC? There was one point where she talks about not running away from your problems. But even then, I don’t see how he truly fell in love with her? Maybe it’s because I rushed through the route too fast (I adored it after all), but for some reason, I can’t figure it out.

    The same goes for Yuto, I see that he fell in love with her following the point where MC protected him from that one girl.. but I don’t really see how he completely fell in love with her. It’s funny, these two guys had great routes, but I had trouble believing the initial start of them falling in love with her the most. Ofc, everything that followed was lovely!

    Out of all the guys, it strikes me that it seems as if Aki falls in love, or is at least attracted to MC in a lot of the routes. Is that just me? It’s obvious in Kazuki’s route (///my poor heart///), but there are some instances spread throughout the others, that makes me think this. Maybe I’m over-thinking it?

    By the way, it makes me wonder why Yuto and Yoh’s season 2 stories are still not out. I don’t have access to the Japanese app, but is the English app all caught up to the Japanese version already (including those two’s season 2 routes and the substories)?

    This turned out longer than I expected, apologies for the TL:DR ^^;


    • Thank you for reading my reviews! ^^

      Aki is attracted to the MC in most of the FILA stories. It ranges from subtle to full on love triangles (which hurts since I love him a lot ; w ; )

      Yoh and Yuto actually didn’t get season 2 stories. They weren’t popular enough in the JP app to get them ; A ; However, they do get wedding sub stories (along with Kanata); Voltage hasn’t translated it yet, but hopefully we’ll see it soon!


      • Aww that really breaks my heart about Aki //cries. So I’m glad he gets his own routes, his family album was downright adorable. Well I won’t spoil any further than that 😉

        And oh no! They didn’t get season 2 stories!? That’s really upsetting to hear actually!! I was really looking forward to theirs in particular ; w ; I heard the Japanese version of the FILA app is completed and won’t be getting Japanese updates anymore (though I’m not entirely sure if this is for sure). But my heart will really be broken if they never ever get season 2 stories..

        Since I don’t have access to the Japanese iTunes store, I can’t check myself sobs. But does Kanata still get the rest of the season 2 routes at least? Ahhhh this is definitely disheartening


  5. Hi there, I’d decided to go for Yoh first after reading your review since I’d never played this voltage title before and I’m so glad to have made the right choice. Yoh’s story was satisfying and I’m not even slight disappointed (I tried a few games like Enchanted by the moonlight, butlers until midnight etc and got thrown off by some characters e.g. I didn’t like Kyo’s story). I do appreciate Yoh’s childlike personality at the beginning which was cute and I love how considerate he was towards MC’s feelings. Thank you for this great review!


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