[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Eisuke Ichinomiya season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Eisuke Ichinomiya S2 living together

After a situation with the ruler of Dubai causes her to work at the newly built Tres Spades Dubai, Eisuke and the MC start living together on a private island that he bought for them. While at a party with Eisuke, a bomb suddenly goes off in the ballroom, and Kishi finds an ace of spades card with a bullet hole in the middle of it near where the bomb was planted.

Since the ace of spades is the symbol of the Tres Spades hotels, they think that it’s more than just a singular event caused by a random passerby. Hishikura, a member of the Japanese embassy who’s keeping an eye on the MC, starts living in one of the penthouse suites in the hotel, and the MC starts to work exclusively under him. Eisuke doesn’t like it, but has no choice since Hishikura helped him out by convincing a movie director to continue staying at the hotel.

Tres Spades Dubai is accused of being built on illegal funds and tax evasion, and it turns out that the pen the MC was given by her coworker Hikaru was bugged, but not by him. Eisuke is concerned about the MC’s safely and tells her to take time off from work. She stays away from Tres Spades until she gets a phone call from Hishikura telling her that he can’t find some important documents in his room. She leaves the island to help him, but loses consciousness and finds herself up for auction again in a birdcage. Hishikura buys her for $50,000,000, but Eisuke demands that he returns the MC to him. Hishikura says that he’ll only return her if he gets to be an auction manager; Eisuke can’t make that decision himself and leaves, vowing he’ll take her back.

Eisuke visits her up in Hishikura’s room while he’s out. He says that he suspects that Hishikura is behind the bombing and tax evasion accusations, and the MC recalls the conversation Hishikura had with Ozaki, one of Eisuke’s work partners. Using the rule that people can only be sold at the auction if they give their consent, the MC escapes from Hishikura and runs to the casino towards Eisuke, only to see him get shot. It turns out that it wasn’t Eisuke who got “shot,” and the whole plan is to make him appear as if he’s in the hospital so he can move around easier. He holds a press conference and appears to hand over the ownership of Tres Spades to Ozaki, but Ozaki gets arrested for the bombing, tax evasion, and attempted murder of Eisuke. Eisuke retains ownership of Tres Spades and also becomes the new owner of Burj Khalifa, Ozaki’s hotel, making him an international hotel tycoon.

If Eisuke had been this sweet in the first season I would have fallen head over heels for him back then. His elusive blushing face makes an appearance more often in this season, and he’s adorable whenever he eats the MC’s cooking. While he is still the same overconfident Eisuke that we know and love, I think he’s a lot more open with the MC in this route. One thing that I loved was how this time, when it appeared that the MC was in danger, he didn’t just push her away but made an effort to protect her and keep her by his side, even if he might be the one who’s causing the potential harm. It changed from his push away plan that he used with the MC and his sister in the first season, which was something that I didn’t like.

The route itself was well written, and a lot happens but Voltage manages to make it easy to stay on top of. It was definitely dramatic, but then again it’s KBTBB that we’re playing. While I was fangirling over a sweeter Eisuke, Hishikura also caught my interest. He wants to become the prime minister of Japan, and I can’t wait until his route gets translated. Like the MC says, Eisuke and Hishikura may seem to be opposites but are actually quite similar, and I’m interested to see how the differences will play in Hishikura’s personality in his own route. I definitely recommend this route to Eisuke lovers. Happy playing!

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