[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh season 2 Living Together

KBTBB Soryu Oh S2 living together

After Tres Spades Dubai opens, the MC moves to Dubai and starts living with Soryu at the Ice Dragon’s headquarters. Things turn serious when there’s a misunderstanding with a local mob, and causes Ryuun, the head of the Ice Dragons, to make a visit in person.

It’s important to remember that Soryu is part of the mafia. This plays a big dynamic in his relationship with the MC, and also acts as sort of a barrier between the two when it comes to communicating with each other. Soryu knows that he isn’t always attentive to the MC because of his position, but doesn’t want her to get too involved with the Ice Dragons because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. The MC wants to help him, and gets frustrated that there’s only so much she can do. She wonders if she’s in Soryu’s way while living in the house, and it’s understandable why she feels that way.

There’s a lot of talk about loyalty in this route. The MC sees the Ice Dragons as a family, and is a bit envious that she isn’t part of it and can’t support Soryu like they can. I loved it when Soryu tells the MC that he can only be harsh to his men, and asks if she can be the one who’s sweet to them for him. It kind of makes me think of them as a big family with Papa Soryu and Mama MC >w< The Ice Dragons also value the MC a lot; her optimism and determination make them admire her, and though the MC herself may not think it, earn her a place by Soryu’s side.

The MC grows a lot in this route. She goes from worrying about whether she’s in Soryu’s way or not to gaining the determination to help him in her terms, even if she’s placed in danger. I absolutely loved her development in this route, and can’t wait to see even more in her new position within the Ice Dragons. Now Soryu doesn’t have to hide anything from her anymore, and I’m interested in how their relationship is going to change from that.

I think out of all the guys in KBTBB, Soryu’s relationship with the MC is the one with the most equality between the two. In the other character routes, the MC is usually pushed and pulled around by the male lead, even if she tries to do things her own way. Soryu takes the MC’s opinion into account more, and their relationship seems to be more balanced because of it. Compared to Eisuke’s Living Together route, there was definitely more development in themselves and their relationship. I definitely recommend this route, especially if you liked Soryu in the first season. Happy playing!

10 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh season 2 Living Together

  1. I love Soryu so much! I haven’t read this season’s story though but I got a good feeling about this story so I gonna check this out! Thanks for the review Yume! To be honest, I love all the guys in KBTBB. They are simply too hot to handle! *fangirling*


      • The season 2 is not over yet right? YES I AM ALSO WAITING FOR HISHIKURA’S, HE IS SO HOT OMG. It is not like I have a spectacle fetish but but that spectacles is what making him so good looking and more importantly… SEXY!! >,<


  2. I love this protagonist oh so much. I know a lot of people think of her as the ultimate doormat, but considering just how powerful these people are? She doesn’t have a lot of options since her loved ones are in danger too.

    Normally, I prefer kickass characters but I can make exceptions and this is one of them. I especially loved it at the end where the MC stuns everyone speechless by saying that Rahman, a powerful figure in Dubai, is like a grandfather to her. He in turn loves her like a granddaughter because she treated him with kindness and didn’t think of him as scary or even realize that most people are scared of him because of his face.

    EISUKE of all people goes on to add that the MC is the most powerful of them all if just because it was her kind and soft nature that won over Rahman. As well as a lot of other people.

    But I think it’s only in Soryu’s route that we see just how powerful and influential she is by just being herself.


      • Soryu himself adds that you do not have to be some spectacular fighter to get things accomplished. That being an ordinary person is enough, which I think is sweet.

        Who is your least favorite MC?


        • Hmmm…. I actually have no idea. It’s been a while since I’ve played a few games, and I try to like the MCs in general since she’s the main character in all of the routes lol XD

          My favorites ones are definitely the MPDCTY, FILA, and IYAT ones though (based on what I can remember from the games ) ^w^


        • Hmmm. I guess whether I like the character or not depends on her route.

          I played Mamoru’s sequel because I was interested in the premise of the character being shot, but I didn’t like her as much as I did when she was in Soryu.

          I think KOR bothers me, but that’s just because she is so obsessed with revenge that it has twisted her into an entirely different person.


        • I actually love KOR. The development of the plot, characters, relationship, and the MC herself were done really well in my personal opinion. Though I do understand that not everyone is comfortable with the revenge theme ; w ;


        • Definitely one of those character types.

          I dunno. Nothing personal, but I don’t like revenge driven people as nothing comes out of such dark emotions except pain for the individual and pain for those who get dragged into their schemes.

          In the end everyone loses.


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