some changes

So after getting feedback from tumblr and reading a few comments here, I’ve decided to make my reviews more opinion based, since many of you seem to dislike an excessive amount of spoilers. I’ll still have a few here and there, but will try to keep them as minimal as possible. I’ll probably go back and rewrite a few of my really summary-heavy reviews. Thank you for letting me know! >w<

– Yume

4 thoughts on “some changes

  1. Hey there! I have been reading your reviews a lot and I am a totally a loyal follower of your blog (tumblr too)

    What I want to say is, I’m fine with spoilers! These things make me thrilled to read the story of the respective characters! However, not all loves spoilers right? *cries* It would be great if you use spoiler tags in your reviews so you do not have to change much in reviewing the stories. It would be difficult for you to change your style of reviewing so abruptly, am I right?

    Keep calm and keep blogging!!! I will always be reading your awesome reviews!! Thank you for your reviews and sorry for blabbering too much over here hehe.


    • Thank you for following me both here and on tumblr! (/w\) My reviews are still going to have a few spoilers because I find it hard to explain why I like/dislike certain things without them, but I want to focus more on analyzing the characters and their development, as well as the growth and changes in the relationship between the male lead and the MC. I hope you continue to read my reviews, and look forward to fangirling about these games with you! >w<

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