[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Iroha Main Volume

Yoshiwara Iroha

Taken in by his beauty, the MC chooses to spend time with Iroha, the manager of Kikuya. Iroha treats her with kindness, and she can’t deny that he has a kind heart, even if his eyes are cold at times. She falls deeply in love with him, and though he returns her feelings, his background makes him hesitant to cherish her as much as he wants to. She learns more about him as time passes, and accepts him for everything he is, including his hidden self.

Iroha’s route was definitely written better than Takao’s. There were still a lot of cliché situations when it came to romance, but the plot was more developed and you can see Iroha and the MC change throughout the route. I think this partially had to do with the lesser amounts of physical intimate exchanges between the two; Iroha always tries to restrain himself, and because of that the MC learns to appreciate him for more than just his beauty and outward appearance earlier on in the route. This gives them more space for emotional bonding compared to Takao’s relationship with the MC (IMO).

Iroha himself is interesting. I wasn’t expecting any supernatural elements in this game, but when it did occur, it didn’t seem too forced. It builds on Iroha’s character, and is the main reason why he doesn’t go beyond kissing the MC. However, his reasons for keeping his distance from the MC changes a bit throughout the route; while his initial reason remains, the more precious she appears to him, the more he wants to protect her innocence because it’s a big part of who she is. He treasures the MC in more than just a physical way, and the more he cares for her, the more wants to touch her, but he holds himself back because he wants to protect her. It makes it all the more special when they do finally have sex. He’s surprisingly jealous; he gets angry at the courtesans for trying to woo the MC into choosing them over him, declaring that she’s his client, even though it’s not his job to entertain them.

There was a situation that I disliked in the route, but understand Iroha’s views for why he believes it was the right thing to do. Losing your virginity is something important, and he wanted the MC to have the opportunity to lose it in what was considered the most ideal situation for him. I’m not saying that it was right for him to push his ideals on to her, but I can understand his reasoning (rest assured, he stops said situation before it goes through). Another thing I disliked was in the last chapter before the ending; I think the writers could have chosen a better reason for him to quit his position as manager at Kikuya.

I enjoyed Iroha’s route, but couldn’t help but be even more disappointed by how much more Takao’s route could have been by comparing them. Once again, I don’t recommend this game if you aren’t comfortable with descriptive intimate situations. Happy playing!

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] The Men of Yoshiwara: Iroha Main Volume

  1. Thankfully, this was the first route I picked and I loved it. It threw me off at least two times (the supernatural and the attempted deflowering). I appreciate that yet I’m so happy that action was stopped.

    Possible spoiler alert:

    The supernatural bit reminded me so much of My Demon Lover(totally cheesy 80s movie) that I squealed in happyness.

    Spoiler end

    Did you also have a weird glitch towards the end where they didn’t use your name anymore? It was like the last chapter or two on mine and my name was replaced with “Ooooo”. At first, I thought he was really excited, but than it kept happening and I realized it was a glitch. They may have fixed it though.


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