[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Kiyoharu Nanahoshi season 1 Main Story


Kiyoharu is older of the Nanahoshi twins. He doesn’t pull back with his words, and isn’t shy when it comes to flirting with the ladies. Although he lied when he first told the MC that he liked her, both he and the MC start falling for each other as they spend more time together. The MC can’t help but wonder if his feelings for her are real, and things turn complicated with Sakuya starts having feelings for her as well.

Kiyoharu is one of Voltage’s favorite stock character types: the confident flirt who’s a bit rugged around the edges. He says what he wants, but it’s at moments that he really needs to voice his thoughts that he chooses to hide behind a smile and act like he’s the bad guy. This comes into play a lot in his growing relationship with the MC and his relationship with his younger twin brother Sakuya.

It’s been a while since the MC’s been in the relationship, and she likes the idea of meeting someone by fate; she feels a pull towards Kiyoharu that she can’t explain in words. However, Kiyoharu hates the word “fate,” due to his family background. Their contrasting views about love and fate makes their relationship an interesting one; Kiyoharu just sees both things as a means of exploiting the MC, while the MC is unsure of whether his feelings for her are real and keeps wondering how much of their interactions are truths or lies.

Kiyoharu’s relationship with Sakuya was what interested me the most in the route. Their situation reminded me a lot of Kippei and his brother from IYAT. While at first glance their relationship seems cold, you learn that it’s just misunderstanding on both of their parts, and that they actually do care for each other a lot. Nozomu says it best: “You might not think it, but deep down he’s a softy. He can be really nice.” I think one of the reasons why I found their relationship so interesting is because I can personally relate to Kiyoharu’s relationship with Sakuya.

This is the first route I played in TLSL, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The romance between Kiyoharu and the MC was a bit dramatic and could have been written better, but other than I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I found it amusing that the MC kept hitting him (on purpose and by accident) in the beginning of the route XD The MC also got to see and take part of a surprising amount of action in this route. If you’re hesitant to give this game a try, I recommend trying Kiyoharu’s route. It made me want more, and I can’t wait to play Sakuya’s route next. Happy playing! >w<

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