[REVIEW] True Love Sweet Lies: Sakuya Nanahoshi season 1 Main Story


Sakuya may seem similar to his brother Kiyoharu because of his harsh words, but that’s the only similarity between them. The two are polar opposites, from his inability to hide what he feels to his dislike of women, but the shaky relationship between the two stays the same. After deciding that she’ll try to keep her distance from Sakuya, Nozomu sends the two to the Middle East for a case, and they start to get closer to each other after spending more time together.

I liked Sakuya’s character more than Kiyoharu (no surprise there. Sorry Kiyo >___<;;). He’s much more genuine about his feelings, and has the opposite problem of his brother: he can’t hide them. He gets jealous easily, and it’s amusing to see the different situations he gets himself into because of it XD His dislike of women stems from when he lived in America, and calls women “Thing X” in his head as a coping mechanism XD Sakuya and Kiyoharu’s relationship is a bit different in this route; he has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to his brother, and is always trying to one up him. Sakuya is an interesting combination of kuudere/tsundere, and I liked seeing him open up to the MC.

While the beginning of the romance was shaky, it developed well. You can see the awkwardness of them liking each other, but as time passes their feelings get stronger but neither can tell the other how they feel. This route focused a lot more on romance than Kiyoharu’s route, and while I do like it when the MC is part of the action, I didn’t mind it as much. While there weren’t any new elements that popped out to me, the romance was written well and really matched with Sakuya’s personality (IMO). There were a lot more cute moments compared to Kiyoharu’s route, and I’m certainly not complaining >w<

One thing I disliked was how inconsistent Sakuya’s trauma towards women was. There was no clear indication as to why he got over it and started liking the MC. It kind of just happened, and I think Voltage slacked a bit in this area. If they have His POV sub stories, I hope they go more into it… It seemed like something Voltage just came up with on the spot to cause friction between him and the MC.

I enjoyed this route a lot, and received a few weird looks from my roommate when I fangirled over Sakuya being cute *sweats nervously* I definitely recommend this route if you like kuudere/tsundere characters (like me) >w< Happy playing!

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